Look at the Statue of Liberty holding Mao quotations again – all sentient beings are free and the destruction of the communist is unstoppable.

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On December 2, 2020, Mr. Guo asked everyone in the live broadcast, “What is the industry that ranks first in the 20 trillion GDP of the United States? The answers of comrades-in-arms are either military industry, finance, or high technology, but Mr.  Wen Gui’s answer surprised most of his comrades-in-arms. The answer is the culture industry, which has been firmly controlled by the Communist Party of China.

The culture industry includes cable TV (ranking first), sports, Hollywood production, and major media, television accounts for 45% to 60% of the GDP of the United States. In the years since President Trump entered the White House and launched the explosive revolution, why have all the media in the United States degenerated? Why are all Hollywood and the NBA shut up? Mr. Guo’s answer is straightforward – all these people need a market of 1.4 billion people controlled by the Communist Party of China! President Trump has been president for two terms. What if you don’t solve this problem of about 50% of GDP by the Communist Party of China? This is an unimaginable life-and-death interest.

There was a time when Mr. Guo liked to put a pair of red and green in the live broadcast, holding Mao Zedong’s quotation, the Statue of Liberty decoration. Looking back today, it’s different. The Communist Party of China has long understood what is the  skill of destruction against the United States – you have me, I have you, share the bed together, spread the “CCP virus”, and finally achieve the goal of firmly controlling the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. The Communist Party of China has firmly implanted its evil ideological virus into the capital and cultural genes that the Americans are most proud of. How evil!

Recently, people have talked about administrative corruption, legislative corruption and even judicial corruption in the United States every day in the election scandal. Unfortunately, not only that, the evil spirits of the Communist Party of China have long infiltrated the organ tissues of the pillar industries of the United States. Mr. Guo added that the entire American cultural industry has been controlled and affected by more than 50% of GDP. When a country’s economy is controlled by 5%, it has the right to do it without any discussion. Now it is 50%. Admittedly, no president can ignore half of his GDP.

However, on the other hand, if there were no friendship between the political and business elites of the United States and the demons, how could there be decades of labor of ordinary people but they were poor! The Communist Party of China and the globalist elites who control American capital are the common enemies of the U.S. government representing the American people and the New China Federation represents the Chinese people and the world, Mr. Guo added. The United States wants freedom and cannot continue the path of recent decades, which we often call Kissingerism. Because by working with the Communist Party of China to squeeze the cheap labor of the Chinese people, the United States will eventually be swallowed up by demons.

Indeed, the United States must face great pain to destroy the Communist Party, but if the United States wants to live great again, it has to destroy the Communist Party! The Chinese people must face great pain to destroy the Communist Party, but if the Chinese people want to move towards a modern human society that is truly enslaved, they must destroy the Communist Party!

On the same day, Mr. Luther quoted President Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation of Slaves, which discussed the inevitability of the struggle for common freedom between Chinese and American people across time and space – “When God lets us see justice, we must uphold justice, let us continue to fight and complete the cause we are currently doing; dressing this The wounds of the country… We should do our best to pursue and achieve a just and permanent peace among ourself and with all countries.

The reason why we face the current difficulties is because of the ignorance and depravity. As Mr. Wen Gui said, the next complete awareness of the United States and the targeted explosion with the help of the disclosure revolution are to let the 1.4 billion Chinese people and the United States form a real community of interests; and our New China Federal Declaration states that it is our vision to establish a thousand-year peace with the western maritime civilization of the United States and Europe.

“New China Federation, Detianzhu (Blessing from Heaven)”!

Exterminate communism and the whole people will be free!

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