The deeper reasons for the CCP’s bizarre multi-province power restrictions and shutdowns

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Recently, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places have issued notices related to the orderly use of electricity or power restrictions.

The Development and Reform Commission of Jiangxi Province announced the implementation of interruptible loads and the initiation of orderly power consumption during the daily morning and evening peak periods from December 15. Zhejiang Province and a number of cities also issued a notice, requiring the relevant unit’s office area temperature drop to 3 degrees Celsius below (including 3 degrees Celsius) before turning on air conditioning and other heating equipment, and set the temperature shall not exceed 16 degrees Celsius, some areas are the production of enterprises to limit electricity. In Zhejiang province, in view of the power shortage, the requirements of the 15th of this month until the end of the month, all processing plants to stop production, government agencies also received a power outage notice.

This series of sudden power outage notices has caused most private enterprises and small workshops in the Communist Party of China to rush to work around the clock to avoid power outages.

As of December 19, Beijing, Chongqing, and Jilin issued power overload warnings one after another. Hunan’s power supply has entered a “war time state”.

Several media reported that the reason for the power cut is that the Chinese Communist Party has retaliated against Australia for insisting on an independent investigation into the source of the Chinese Communist Party virus, thus restricting the import of coal from Australia, resulting in a shortage of domestic coal reserves in the Chinese Communist Party, causing energy shortage for power generation. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the official media Global Times, said in an article that this claim is pure nonsense. Hu Xijin said in a blog article about the reason there are two kinds: one is to respond to energy saving and emission reduction, to need to complete the target at the end of the year. The other is a temporary shortage of electricity supply.

The mainland “Cloud Finance” pointed out that the main reason for power restrictions and blackouts is the suspension of coal imports from Australia since November 6, resulting in a shortage of coal for power generation. Australian coal accounts for about 57% of China’s power consumption and 1.6% of consumption. The suspension of Australian coal imports may result in a short-term shortage of supply in some areas.

The National Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China (NDRC) responded to the incident on the 17th, saying that the national demand for electricity in the Communist Party of China has been growing rapidly since December due to multiple factors. At present, the residents of these areas are not affected by electricity, power supply capacity is generally sufficient to ensure the smooth use of electricity. The Development and Reform Commission also pointed out three reasons behind: first, the rapid recovery of industrial production to pull the growth of electricity; second, encountered extreme cold weather to further increase the electricity load; third, the limited capacity of external power and unit failure to increase the power supply difficulties.

The first thing that can be clear is that the Communist Party of China is not short of electricity at all, and even exports electricity to Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. According to a report released by BP World Energy Statistics 2019, the Communist Party of China is the world’s largest producer of electricity, and the country with the largest increase, generating 7,111.8 TWh of electricity in 2018, up 7.7% year-on-year, accounting for a whopping 26.7% of the world total.

However, the Chinese Communist Party officially announced the ban on coal imports from Australia on the first foot, and then announced the restriction of electricity saving on the second foot, the time between the two is very close to each other, and there has not been such a phenomenon in recent years, what is the reason behind?

First, stop importing Australian coal, the southern power supply has a great impact. With the ban on Australian coal, power plants along the coast of the Communist Party of China can only switch to Indonesian and Russian coal, but the quality is far inferior to that of Australian coal. It is reported that the units of Hunan Yueyang Power Plant and Baoqing Power Plant have been shut down one after another recently due to failure, which is probably caused by the “cut-off” of imported Australian coal.

Two years after the trade war between China and the U.S., the foreign trade situation and the internal economy of the Chinese Communist Party can be described as a four-sided struggle, but the amount of foreign exchange reserves officially announced by the Chinese Communist Party miraculously stabilized, and when the outside world expressed puzzlement, NetEase published a financial analysis article on August 17 that the net amount of foreign exchange reserves of the Chinese Communist Party fell below 1 trillion U.S. dollars, which can be described as a stone stirred up a thousand waves. It is understood that the total imports of the Communist Party of China for the year 2019 reached 14.31 trillion yuan, or about $2 trillion. In the case of the bottom of foreign exchange, there are a lot of goods and can only rely on foreign imports, such as aircraft engines, chips, patented technology, agricultural products, etc., so the Chinese Communist Party’s evil proposed internal circulation and promote food conservation has reduced unnecessary imports. In addition, near the end of the U.S. election, President Trump is a sure winner, the lack of coal and electricity is a microcosm of the Chinese Communist economy on the verge of collapse.

Third, the U.S. and China have developed from a “trade war” to a ” Diplomatic Warfare” and with the Chinese Communist Party’s biochemical war of supremacy ravaging the world, the military has entered a full-scale confrontation. After the re-election of Trump, a hot war between China and the United States is inevitable. When war comes, domestic water and power outages will certainly become the norm. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always ruled over 1.4 billion Chinese people with a high-handed posture of “we must first secure the country”. The sudden power outages in many parts of China are likely to be a rehearsal for a wartime state, testing civil reaction and resilience. In addition, behind the orderly use of electricity, it is likely that the orderly use of food, orderly use of water, and then the orderly supply of all materials, the return of a comprehensive planned economy, the 1.4 billion innocent people in China’s free-living space is destroyed.

The Chinese Communist Party has coerced 1.4 billion innocent Chinese people to launch a biochemical super war. Attempt to rule the world and destroy the democracy, freedom and faith of people all over the world!

Therefore, the destruction of the Communist Party is imperative, and only by destroying the Communist Party can we save the world! Only by destroying the Communist Party can we save the whole humankind!

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