The British Foreign Minister invited the list of the Seven-nation Summit. The Communist Party of China is excluded!

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited India, South Korea and Australia to next year’s Group of Seven (G7) summit, the Hong Kong South China Morning Post reported.

At the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit India in January next year. This follows a four-day visit to India by British Foreign Minister Dominic Rennie Raab. During this period, sources said Raab has invited India to participate as a guest country in the G7 summit that is likely to be held in Britain next year.

Relations between the U.K. and the Chinese Communist Party have slipped to the most confrontational level in a generation.

Growing concerns about assertive CCP actions in the Indo-Pacific region have prompted the US, UK and EU to increase their diplomatic efforts in the region – with India, Australia and the ASEAN-10 grouping being the focus of their attention. The U.S. and Europe are now seeking to build a broader alliance in an all-out effort to confront the Chinese Communist Party!

As of now, no location or date has been set for the 2021 G7 summit, and whether the summit will be held by teleconference instead due to the CCP virus outbreak.

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