Draw fire to thy body” – 45 Russian companies have been sanctioned by the United States!

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Source: Foreign Policy Research Institute

On December 21, the U.S. Department of Commerce placed the Russian Ministry of Defense, the “Russian” Special Flight Brigade and major companies in the Russian aerospace industry, as well as the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s sanctions list, according to Sputnik 22. The list includes the Russian Defense Export Corporation, the Russian Technology Group, the Russian MiG aircraft manufacturing company, the Russian Sukhoi civil aircraft company, the Russian Tupolev company and the Russian United Aviation Manufacturing Group. The U.S. Department of Commerce published a list of 103 Russian and Chinese companies, including 58 Chinese companies and 45 Russian companies. The Commerce Department’s list is 14 fewer than the draft disclosed by Reuters in November.

Of these, the number of Chinese companies decreased by 31 and the number of Russian companies increased by 17.

All along, the CCP has been using other countries and regions as bases and bridgeheads to attack and infiltrate the Western world, such as Hong Kong, Canada and Russia! On one hand, the Chinese Communist Party has been operating behind the scenes, colluding with the relevant forces in the host countries and regions! On the other hand, it is also the result of the economic, political and technological interests of the countries and regions. Hong Kong, for example, has gone from a global international center to the hell on earth that it is today, absolutely as a result of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and threat of suppression and control! Canada, for example, is the result of the Canadian government’s deep collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, seeking to obtain huge economic support from the Chinese Communist Party!

But Russia is different! Although Russia’s relations with the West have not been “friendly” either! But Russia does not have the resources and resources to launch a massive infiltration and invasion of the West at all levels! Russia is apparently shaking hands with the Chinese Communist Party, but in reality, Russia has its own interests in mind!

On an economic level, Russia’s economy can be boosted by trade with the Chinese Communist Party, such as the 2 huge gas contracts adopted privately in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, which directly benefit Russia’s economy to the tune of trillions of dollars! In terms of science and technology, Russia has opened the back door for the Chinese Communist Party to steal cutting-edge technology from the West through Russia, ” It is the Communist Party’s money that is spent and the Communist Party’s people that are doing the work”, But after all, it is in Russia, which means that Russia can “pull the wool over the eyes”, or “catch the cicada with a mantis and the bird in the back”! Both economically and technically it can bring real benefits to Russia!

But now, the arrogance and hubris of the Chinese Communist Party has allowed it to steal technology from Western countries from a once cautious to a reckless manner and has caught the eye of the West enough! In the face of such U.S. sanctions, Russia is now “caught in the crossfire”! Facing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the context of international sanctions, it is as far away as a mirage to seize more benefits from the CCP and to spy on the advanced technology of the West through the CCP! The sanctions at this time of course made Russia very “angry”! it is only natural to openly “cut” with the Chinese Communist Party!

Although the Communist Party of China’s foreign propaganda is making a lot of noise at home about Russian companies suffering from U.S. sanctions, trying to kidnap Russia into the same chariot, once again trying to “pull the big flag for the tiger’s skin”! Russia is not a fool, there is no need to take a bullet for the Chinese Communist Party! Russia has no need to “take the chestnuts out of the fire” for the CCP, and certainly does not want to be the CCP’s “scapegoat”! Moreover, the proliferation of the CCP virus has brought great disasters to the whole world, including Russia! In this way, Russia is now giving the Chinese Communist Party “power off” is estimated to be light! In the future, it is not unlikely that the army will be overwhelmed and even the country’s gates will be closed!

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