What’s wrong with the education in China? Education corruption under the CCP

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According to the surging news reprinted mammoth news, the Oriental Daily reported on November 25, the parties Wang Wen Yue (a pseudonym) children studying in (Cangzhou City, Hebei Province) North China Oilfield twelfth elementary school fourth grade. 2020 September teacher Cao had asked for money during a month, she sent four times to her tea, cash and other valuable things of more than 4,000 RMB. 27 September 2020, Wang Wen Yue called the Municipal Education Bureau and the Education Bureau Petroleum Branch Report, the investigator’s feedback that the report is true, Ms. Cao will be disciplined. Wang Wenyue said that after reporting Ms. Cao and her identity as a whistleblower was leaked, followed by some parents’ claims. on October 14, she went to a ‘mediation’ hosted by the principal when she had been poured over the head with hot water by a parent. In anger, Wang Wenyue’s brother scolded the organizing parent in the class group, and when her brother went with her to the organizer’s house to argue, her brother kicked their door their daughter had punched her son twice, she approached their daughter and grabbed their collar. For which she and her brother were detained for 20 days.

The author notes that both Ms. Cao’s money request and Ms. Wang’s report occurred in September of this year. As we all know, every September there’s a Teachers’ Day in China, and this holiday is basically a time for parents to show their loyalty. The children can sit in the front row, during homework correction by the teacher’s favorite, depending on how big the parents’ red envelope.

This reminds me of two cases that happened to my friends in connection with this special holiday

  • A friend divorced a few years ago and sent her three children back to Shanghai to live with their grandmother. Since the three children were foreigners, they attended a private school in Shanghai. When she returned to Shanghai, the oldest was already in the 6th grade, and in September the child sent a message saying that Teacher’s Day was coming, and she wanted to prepare a gift for her teacher. Since my friend had lived overseas for many years, she was completely unaware of the unspoken rules in the Chinese school community. She replied, “Buy a bouquet of flowers and attach a handwritten card to your teacher. When the child handed the flowers to the teacher, in front of all the kids in the class, the teacher threw the flowers directly into the trash saying, “I want money!”
  •  Another friend was living in Jinhua, Zhejiang province and his child in 3rd grade. It was also Teacher’s Day coming up, and the child’s teacher hinted that the kids should give him a big gift. My friend and the parents of the other two children discussed: these three families teamed up to give the teacher a car cost over 50,000 RMB. My goodness, this kind of miracle happened!

If not for personal experience of own friends. People living overseas would have no idea that Teachers’ Day in China has become so rotten.

Parents have acquiesced and fostered this ugly and even criminal behavior and have collectively rejected those who stand up for what is right. Is it possible that some adults have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and attack those who resist evil as they were the enemy.

Before I joined the whistleblower movement, after I heard such news, I only felt angry, saw more and even numbed. I can’t figure out what is the root cause of these social conflicts. Why are there more and more bad people? Who caused the situation that made evil as rampant as it is in today’s Chinese society and will no one save them?

Following Mr. Guo and the whistleblower movement for more than three years, I have personally witnessed the numerous vicious attacks he has been subjected to, as well as the arrest, imprisonment, and confiscation of family members, colleagues, and property by the Chinese Communist Party on trumped-up charges. And President Trump, the Chosen One, has been attacked and scorned for four years, and the populism that has President Trump represents in this election has come under various attacks. From this it is easy to see that today, with the Chinese Communist Party selling off the evil forces of the world, the forces of evil never stop attacking good and righteous people! Ten Thousand Buddhas and Ten Thousand Gods will surely join the forces of righteousness to strangle the evil!

Behind China’s social problems, America’s black lives matters and Antifa have all controlled the black hand of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is the root cause of China’s social problems and social conflicts. Eliminate the CCP! Otherwise, China’s disaster-ridden today is the darkened tomorrow for countries all over the world!


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