China, U.S. can have better future by taking down the CCP

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China Military Online reproduced Xinhua News Agency special commentary on December 23: China, U.S. can have better future by focusing on cooperation. The coming year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Henry Kissinger’s secret trip to China. The trade volume had grown rapidly in both countries since China and the United States resumed engagement. China-U.S. cooperation has produced remarkable results that benefit both sides and the world. Some extreme “anti-China forces” in the United States, out of ideological prejudice and personal political gains, took regressive steps and provoked disputes. They deliberately negated the history of bilateral relations, maliciously attacked the Chinese Communist Party and China’s political system, took provocative actions against the country’s core interests, and grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs. They also incited the “decoupling” of the two nations, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, coercing other countries into containing and confronting China.

This is the usual propaganda tactic of the Chinese Communist Party, playing the warm card when things are messed up. The article does not mention a single word about the economic assistance of the U.S. has given to China since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the U.S., helping China integrate into the world trade system and opening up its market to China on all fronts, helping China train a large number of talents, and that the U.S. only harbors a good hope that when the Chinese people have a rich life, they will move towards a free and democratic country.

The United States is a Christian nation where the people adore freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, and promotes universal values throughout the world in the hope that people around the world will obtain the rights of freedom and democracy. This is the most unacceptable thing for the evil dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, and the political system of the Chinese Communist Party cannot be integrated into the Western civilization system.

Nowadays, there are not many dictatorial regimes left in the world. In order to retain power, besides maintaining stability with high pressure and intensifying brainwashing propaganda, they further prevent people from getting the truth by establishing internet firewalls, and continuously vilify and even resist Western democracy and rule of law, amplifying the propaganda of the dark side of the society, causing widespread stupidity and ignorance among the people in mainland China.

The United States selflessly opened its doors to China, while the Chinese Communist Party took advantage of the goodness of the United States to do shameless acts, BGY (Blue, Gold, Yellow) plan, 3F (Fall USA, Fail USA, Fell USA)Plan.

Fortunately, the revolution led by Mr. Miles Guo shattered the illusion of the Chinese Communist Party, and as the Chinese Communist Party was about to fully complete its infiltration of the United States, darkness fell, and the United States was awakened. The second largest economy by the Chinese Communist Party, “everything is fake”, began to collapse under the constant counterattack and sanctions of the United States, and insiders began to abandon the ship. In order to escape the punishment, the Chinese Communist Party released the CCP virus to launch biochemical attacks on the world. Now that the truth of the virus is the death notice of the CCP, however, Xinhua News Agency issued an article on China, U.S. can have better future by focusing on cooperation, what is the purpose?

The CCP’s totalitarian rule is different from regular dictatorships, the most important characteristic of its regime is that they are good at deception, camouflage, indifference to life, and at the same time very cruel and vicious. They are temporary hiding the light for the future revenge when they get strong, and they will not be soft. Without taking down the Chinese Communist Party, there can be no bright future between China and the U.S., no real peace in the world. Only The New Federal Sate of China government with freedom, democracy, rule of law and embrace of western civilization can achieve true cooperation between China and the United States and lead to a better future.

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