Both countries and families require responsible leadership figures!

Snow scenes are oftentimes being interpreted as a sign of romance in society today. We enjoy the beauty and pleasure of the snow. However, nobody knows that when I (Mr. Guo) was a child, I suffered from hunger and cold, and I was on the borderline of death. Because of my experiences, the word “warmth” is particularly special to me.

The only woman in my family is my mother, and that is why not a lot of people understand that I have a different sentiment towards women. Women are soft and kind. They are embraced with warmth, and they represent hope. They carry on the family line while treating you with kindness and tolerance.

Now I see that the Chinese people are homeless and living in poverty.

Especially in the Northeastern regions, in Shenzhen and Guangdong where the winter weather has become brutal, a lot of people are homeless and live on the streets. I can sincerely relate to this kind of brutal reality and those people’s feelings.

The CCP has given away a tremendous amount of money to other countries in the past few days. A lot of smaller countries in Europe and Africa that used to have connections with us before are now saying to me, “Miles, we need to contact you less frequently these days because the CCP has promised us money and vaccines.” A lot of those countries actually get vaccinated, not just pretending to. We congratulate these countries on scamming more money from the CCP, getting more vaccines, and I hope that they receive more vaccinations.

So I could understand it at that time. I can really understand the situation of Chinese laobaixing today. God has given me a chance to know it.

When your family is poor, the capability and the vision of your parents determine everything. So at this time, you can see how important it is for the head of the family to take on the responsibility to look after the whole family.

When I was young, my father did no chores around the house nor did he have the ability to look after us. But sometimes, I would catch my father doing chores for other families. This made me very sad.

That was why my mother always argued with him. He never helped my mother, but he helped other people. He left us all to starve and freeze at home.

When I look at China today, when I look at the CCP, I see children starving to death, freezing to death, and die in poverty. The CCP, however, would not take responsibility for the sufferings of its own people, and yet still treat other countries very well. You would not understand these sad feelings.

Later on, my father changed. It was because my siblings and I had grown up and we asked both my father and my mother to change.

This is why I believe that both countries and families require responsible leadership figures! A country needs a government that serves the common folks with candor and good faith, like the Japanese, a government should give the best to its people. 

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