Verdict Form Released One Week After Miles Guo Won the Defamation Case

Miles Guo won the lawsuit against Guo Baosheng at the Virginia court more than one week ago. Even though Guo Baosheng didn’t face any criminal charges in this civil case, he was sentenced to pay Miles Guo $ 24,000 for defamation. Mile Guo mentioned that winning this case is just the beginning. Guo Baosheng will be sued in another three states in addition to the Virginia case. Miles expressed that the significance of these lawsuits is to expose those who are behind Guo Baosheng, including Bruno Wu and others helping the CCP infiltrate the U.S.

The following verdict form indicates that Miles Guo, as the plaintiff, has won 7 of 9 claims against Guo Baosheng, the defendant. Guo Baosheng as the defendant, just won 2 of 10 his claims against Miles Guo, the plaintiff. Miles Guo has been awarded a total of $ 24,000 for defamation, and Guo Baosheng was awarded $12,000 for the defamation. Most of all, Guo Baosheng was convicted of fraud.

The following videos with English subtitles will provide more details about the trial and the case.

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