Huawei is not going to survive despite creating ‘Glory’

As an accomplice of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Huawei has played a vital role in the CCP’s overseas expansion. When the US issue technical sanctions on Huawei, the subsidiary of Huawei – “RongYao” (which means “Glory”) brand mobile phone was also hit badly. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) has complied with the US export regulations to not supply microchips to Huawei or Glory (source).

The CCP missed no opportunity in using the US sanctions to brainwash the people inside China, using fake news or propagandas to fan the so-called “patriotic feelings”.

After their press conference to introduce the latest phone, Glory could not build enough phones to deliver to the market due to a shortage of microchips. It went bankrupt and was forced into receivership. For those who understands the situation, they knows that CCP re-packaged “Glory” and let a group of committee members from the “Ministry/Department of National Enterprise” to take over. This serves two purposes:

  1. Continue to brainwash people within the wall that the country is powerful.
  2. Continue to cheat and steal by manipulating, twisting/bypassing the sanction imposed by United States and the righteous forces of the West.

A recent article “ ‘Glory’ to surpass Huawei to become the number one in China It as they will get chip supplies soon from Qualcomm, MediaTek” appeared on technical forum 52RD in China. In the article, “Glory” CEO Zhao Ming conducted three employee communication meetings in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shenzhen. They did not mention any specific business strategies and tactics going forward. Anyone with a clear mind knows that even if you change your disguise, you cannot escape the sanctions imposed by the United States.

The world continues to wake up to the crime and atrocities of the CCP. The road ahead for “Glory” is the exact same as that for Huawei: a definite demise.

For companies with entanglements with the CCP, it would be wise to break any relationship off as soon as possible. We know how they will end up if they continue to collaborate with the evil CCP regime. As Mr. Miles Guo often said, “Those who trust the CCP will not have a good ending, they will walk into a crematorium together with the CCP. “

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