12/24/2020 Financial News: General Secretary Xi emphasized China’s food self-sufficiency

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  1. Although General Secretary Xi mentioned some ways to ensure food supply, each method cannot really effectively stop the food crisis in Communist China. The first is the research of seeds. Even though many so-called national seed bases have been cultivating high-yield seeds in recent years, seeds are not the only factor determining yield. In Communist China, where land and water are over-polluted, the output of these so-called improved varieties is hopeless. The second is that it is difficult to implement policies to prevent the de-graining of cultivated land. Facing the huge interest temptation of land transfer fees, officials who hope to be promoted will not give up this good opportunity to increase GDP. The third is the absurd draft law named anti-food-waste law. It is hard to imagine how the law directly interferes with personal dietary behavior, but it is much easier to understand it from another angle. Like the food stamps in the planned economy, directly limiting the amount of food available to each person can easily “solve” insufficient food supply. After all, the Chinese Communist Party is nothing but squeezing Chinese people in an anti-human way.

2, The Ministry of Commerce announced that from December 20, 2020, anti-dumping duties will be imposed on imports of EPDM rubber originating in the United States, South Korea, and the European Union for a period of 5 years. EPDM rubber has a wide range of uses and can be used in construction, wire and cable, automotive industry, transportation, and other fields. In terms of construction, it is mainly used for roof single-layer waterproofing membranes, etc.; in terms of wire and cable, it is mainly used for power input lines of civil and commercial buildings, cables for construction machinery, cables for mining, cables for nuclear power plants, automotive ignition wires, control, and signals Cables, etc.; in the automotive industry, they are mainly used for non-tire parts of automobiles, trucks, and buses, including automobile water tanks and heat-resistant hoses, sealing strips, rubber belts, body and chassis parts, rain strips, bottom plates, and ring tubes, etc.; In terms of traffic, it is mainly used in vehicle door and window sealing strips, shock absorption, water stop, etc.

3, It will averagely take 50.9 years to recover the cost of buying a house for rent in large and medium cities in China. 23 cities have sales-to-rent ratios exceeding the national average. The sales-to-rent ratio in Xiamen is 81.3 years, assuming that under the premise of the same price and rent, it will take 81.3 years to recover the cost of buying a house through rent; followed by Sanya, with a sales-to-rent ratio of 72 years; Suzhou with a sales-to-rent ratio of 65.5 years; Qingdao with a sales-to-rent ratio of 65.5 years. The ratio is 64.4 years. Among the 10 cities with the highest sales-to-rent ratio, only Shenzhen is a first-tier city with a sales-to-rent ratio of 63 years. The rest are second-and third-tier cities, reflecting the rapid increase in housing prices in hot second-and third-tier cities in recent years.

4, Adverse weather in South America threatens soybean production, and the strike action in Argentina is conducive to US soybean exports. At the same time, the outbreak of the global epidemic has triggered global supply concerns. With strong Chinese demand, the price of US soybeans has been boosted, causing it to rise sharply for many days. A record high in the past six years. The weekly export inspection report issued by the US Department of Agriculture shows that in the week ending December 17, the United States shipped 1,466,802 tons of soybeans to China (mainland China), a decrease of 5.5% from the previous week.

5, U.S. Investors Are Funding Malign PRC Companies on Major Indices
Under Xi Jinping, the CCP has prioritized something called ‘military-civil fusion.’ … Chinese companies and researchers must… under penalty of law – share technology with the Chinese military. The goal is to ensure that the People’s Liberation Army has military dominance.  And the PLA’s core mission is to sustain the Chinese Communist Party’s grip on power.

By 【Financial Team- Totoro】

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