Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2020.12.22 – NewYork Time

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The US State Department tweeted: Make a huge list of sanctioned Chinese companies, hinting that all companies that account for 80% of the GDP of the Communist Party of China are ready to decouple!

The U.S. State Department’s tweet was accompanied by an announcement from U.S. Department of State News: saying that U.S. investors are providing funds for vicious Chinese companies in major stock index markets, and these companies are involved in the CCP’s military production and human rights persecution. Miles Guo proposed this concept early on 2017 and has been promoting all the time! The release of this batch of lists means that all companies that account for 80% of the GDP of the Communist Party of China are ready to decouple!

The list mentions a large number of military-civil fusion companies of the CCP, including: the parent CCP Military Industry Corporation and the affiliated companies of the CCP Military Corporation, MSCI and FTSE CCP entity listed companies, and members of CCP military companies on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE), etc. Most of this huge list contains hundreds of large and small military-civil fusion companies, and it also includes 230 A-share stocks.

A study from the Council of Thrift Reserve Program shows that most U.S. pension funds use the MSCI Emerging Market Index as an investment guide. According to data from the US Census, there are more than 5,000 public pension systems in the United States. The Employee Retirement Income Guarantee Act (ERISA) covers $10.7 trillion of investment in private pension plans. Per the MSCI index, these pensions flowed into Chinese companies to invest, resulting in the Chinese company’s stock directly affecting the pension assets of American workers and American retirees.

This also explains how Wall Street used American money and even pension funds to invest CCP companies to kidnap the United States, while the CCP and Wall Street used the money of these listed companies to mess up and destroy the United States by the mean of YGB (Y = Yellow = Sex bribery & kompromat, G = Gold = Money bribe, B = Blue = control media to do Propaganda)! Therefore, only stripping of Chinese companies from the MSCI index can protect the interests of American investors and restore the health of the stock market.

White House Chief of Staff Meadows stopped Powell from entering the White House. Lude intelligence learns that there may be a more important person for this position

President Trump said on Friday that he would have Powell as special counsel to investigate election fraud. White House lawyer Cipollone and Trump were discussing the matter at the end of the meeting. The next day Powell contacted Meadows for a permission to enter the office but was denied.

Analyzed by Lude intelligence, President Trump temporarily insists on resorting to the Constitution and the Supreme Court, hoping to will win the election at the lowest cost. Whether the defense budget bill and military martial law will be triggered depends on the further situation.

Shi Zhengli is willing to open the laboratory for inspection suddenly. What on earth does she do to cooperate with the CCP?

Shi Zhengli suddenly announced the opening of the laboratory for inspection to prove that the virus did not come from the lab. But Shi Zhengli only welcomed the WHO’s investigation. In addition, Shi Zhengli began to lie again about her online data being deleted by hackers. Daszak who have been cooperating with the Wuhan laboratory for 15 years, began to fabricate the theory of mining caves together with Shi Zhengli.

Virus has mutated in U.K. Over 40 countries have blocked air, land and sea traffic to and from the UK

These countries or regions include India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and some Asian countries. The virus has now mutated by more than 70%.

The USS McCain guided missile destroyer performs a free navigation mission in the South China Sea

The U.S. warship entered the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters of the islands and reefs claimed by the CCP.

The US stated that the McCain is on a free navigation mission in the South China Sea.

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