How will the Pandemic Change Sydney’s New Year Celebration

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The fireworks show on New Year’s Eve in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is a very famous event every year. This year, it has been affected by the continuous emergence of the epidemic. Whether it will be held as scheduled has been controversial. The recent outbreak of the CCP-virus epidemic in the northern beach community of Sydney will once again attract attention to this iconic activity loved by Australians.

According to the latest news, the Sydney New Year fireworks show will continue as planned; however, the time for the fireworks show will be shortened to 7 minutes. At the same time, everyone needs to apply separately if they want to go to the CBD on New Year’s Eve. Those who can go to the CBD on New Year’s Eve unless they have reserved a restaurant in the CBD in advance or hold tickets for the New Year’s fireworks show. In addition, on New Year’s Eve, anyone who wants to enter the Sydney CBD or the North Sydney area must register with the government to obtain a permit; even if they are residents living in the CBD themselves, they must apply. Besides, compared to previous years, most of the popular viewing spots will not be open to the public.

Last year’s fireworks show also received public attention during the bushfires in Australia, and the cancellations were called for, but in the end it was held as scheduled under the government’s efforts. This year, although the government has made all the above-mentioned comprehensive preparations for the pandemic, the conflicting fight on yes or no to the show still continues. Those who want to keep the fireworks show believe that this is the best time for everyone to celebrate and be comforted; the opposing party believes that large-scale gatherings of people will always do more harm than good to control the epidemic.

Concerns about the spread of the epidemic caused by large-scale activities in Australia and the difficulty of controlling it have existed since the outbreak of the CCP-virus epidemic. Nearly all kinds of large-scale celebrations, large-scale events, weddings and funerals all over Australia including some family gatherings, people can only follow the advice of the government and medical departments in the face of the epidemic. That is to say, people are advised to stay at home as much as possible, and try to maintain the basic social interaction.

These suggestions are of course based on the premise of being responsible to the public and the community, but many people did not know that: the most important thing to control the epidemic is to know and share the truth about the new coronavirus COVID-19, which is the CCP virus. If there is no such understanding, there is no such truth-sharing, even if the government has adopted strict social control and administration on physical protection of the people, all efforts could be in vain finally. That could be sad and upset for everyone. However, the government still take for granted that the CCP-virus could be eradicated by them but neglect the COVID-19 is man-made bio-chemical weapon. Moreover,  it is keeping mutated all the time.  Furthermore, there are countless asymptomatic carriers out of people’s mind.

This has become an endless cycle which will eventually lead to people’s extreme resentment after a long-term suppression, and society will collapse and be in chaos. Therefore, perhaps the Sydney fireworks show can still bring people’s comfort in its fabulous view, but it does not solve the problem completely at all. What we need to do is: spread the truth about the CCP virus and let more people know that CCP is the originator of the virus; only by eliminating CCP can the virus be finally annihilated.

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