Miles: The U.S. Will First Attack 3700 Strongholds, and Then …

In his Dec. 6 GTV live broadcast video, Miles talked about the strategies and tactics of the U.S. Military against the CCP’s PLA. That is to first attack the 3700 strongholds, then the command centers, their submarine forces, and finally, block the PLA inside their homes. He also pointed out that the only somewhat effective weapon of the CCP is their submarine force, while all the other forces are fake.

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So my brothers and sisters, you need to know the truth. Mr. Hao, Haidong [said], “The submarine forces [of the People’s Liberation Army] are their only effective units.” Why? They can  just throw something to disgust you. If I [PLA] throw one or two missiles that can’t get into your country, I can fling some sh*t, it can get in, I can throw some shoe soles at you to disgust you. If that truly does not work, the stupid submarines, which can’t return to their bases, can self destruct, right? I can pollute your country. If I can’t kill you guys [Americans], I can still kill some fish, right? It is possible that your environment gets polluted.

But this is what the U.S. has been doing recently: massive anti-submarine forces and underground [Special Forces] cover the entire area. Now the U.S. only has two tasks of high priority: to attack your [PLA’s] 3700 strongholds, and then destroy your “brain” [the control centers], wipe out the “neural system”, and knock out the communication systems. And then they will destroy the submarine forces. Then block you inside your home. Firstly, I [U.S. military] will wipe you out in your home. Secondly, I will wipe out all the things outside your home. If possible, I will make you stay at your home with only what is left.

What are the “the First Island Chain” and “the Second Island Chain”? Look at what the CCP has done all these years. In the past when you foreigners came and hit me [the CCP] on my “doorstep”, I was unable to strike back. What [the CCP] has done all these years is to not let others hit them on their “doorstep”. In the end, the CCP blocks the enemies outside [China’s] territory, but this territory does not include the waters; it only includes the piece of land called Hainan Island. “You [the enemy] should never enter my house.” What is “the First Island Chain” then? In a radial area of 5000 to 8000 kilometers, I can wipe you out if you enter this area and I can also keep you out from a certain distance. Then I can go to your Second Island Chain and your radial area of 5000 to 8000 kilometers. Then I can hit you on your “doorstep”. This is the CCP’s so-called “the building of the Conventional Missile Forces, the Strategic Nuclear Missile Forces, and the Submarine Forces”. The CCP wants to play it this way.

These are all fake, and some of them don’t even bear the same meaning as the international standards. Just like what you have seen, the same things happen with the [Chinese] computer [industry]. It is said that the Chinese computer [industry] is booming! The internet industry is booming, too! Without chips, the internet, or the computers, what else can you [the CCP] play with? Not a single thing belongs to you, right? It’s the same thing.  

That is to say, you look up to it [the CCP] too much if you let him brag about taking the wolf’s balls. To make such a statement, he needs courage. So you know, he can only brag about talking pig’s balls at most. He dares not toot his own horn on something as big as a cow, because cows are too big for him, which will make him out of breath. After bragging for a few times, you know, he will talk himself into believing its own lies. This is the real CCP, so to speak. Mr. Hao, Haidong hit the bull’s eye with a few words today. Everybody, if you don’t understand that, then you can’t see it clearly, but if you do understand, then you will see it really clearly. In these CCP’s big talks, the only thing which can disgust you and pollute you by self-destruction is the submarine forces. 

Transcript:【喜马拉雅听写组】Translator:【gavinguo(文钦)】 Proofreader:【BruhM(文山)】Subtitles:【相机过热啊】 Video Transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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