Posthumous paper by a 70-year-old resisting forced demolition

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Residents of Xiangtang Village, Changping, Beijing have resisted demolitions for more than a year. On last Saturday, Guo Lingmei, the daughter of Chinese most famous poet Guo Xiaochuan and former director of the Central New Film Studio, was detained. The 70 -year-old elder has left a posthumous paper and is now a new female prisoner in the Changping Detention Center. This is the so called ‘justice’ on the land ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.

What is in Guo Lingmei’s posthumous paper?

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Guo Lingmei is the daughter of the famous Chinese poet Guo Xiaochuan. Here is an English translation of her posthumous paper written in the early morning of 6th November 2019, nearly a year before her recent detention.

My beloved family

Do not worry,

Everyone is fighting.

The worst that can happen to me is death.

It is worth it to be able to protect the thousands of neighbours in Xiangtang from homelessness with my blood and life, and progressing China’s legal and political construct, even by a mere one millimetre more.

Besides, I am nearly 70 years old and have been blessed with a long life, I am not afraid of death.

I have no posterity. My daughter will become a nun in the future and the house will be donated to public welfare. So I have nothing to worry about.

It is a blessing to be able to face the crisis, shed blood, and die together with many good neighbours.

I feel at ease.

The above rights shall be my posthumous paper.

Guo Lingmei, 2019.11.6 early morning 6:53 am

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