Frontal Contests Between White House and Congress, Xi Again Talked Food Security

 (December 23, 2020. LuDe Media, Morning News, LuAnMo Talk)

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Summary: The House and Senate passed a lengthy Act that was labeled “New Coronavirus Relief” but was actually a way to funnel benefits to major U.S. companies and weaken the president’s power. However, the conspiracy was discovered by the White House. Xi Jinping talked food security again as food crisis looms in Communist China. Twitter Inc. wants to clear the followers (more than 60 million) of president Trump and White House accounts.

  1. Trump Confronts Congress on New Coronavirus Relief Act and Defense Authorization Act

The New Coronavirus Relief Act passed by the House and Senate, under the guise of a beautiful name, is jammed with nearly 6,000 pages of lengthy words that conceal provisions for spreading money to foreign countries and funneling huge benefits to large U.S. corporations, while benefit very little to American people who are really affected by the epidemic, and a sinister clause that “invalidates the President’s power to exercise Riot Act” is buried in 5,893 pages. Trump has asked Congress to amend the New Coronavirus Relief Act to raise the allowance rate for the American people from $600 to $2,000, and to include a provision in the Defense Authorization Act that would void Section 230, and then he would sign it at the expense of his own power. If these revised provisions are not added, Trump will use his veto power, and there will then be a situation where the White House and Congress may repeatedly veto the bill until the lawsuit is taken to the federal Supreme Court.

  • Xi Jinping Talked Food Security Again as Food Shortage Nearing

In response to LuDe Media’s continuous revelations, the CCP has to admit that food is no longer safe, and has started to give the people a precautionary warning that there may be food shortages in the future. Sina headlines play with words, citing LuDe Media’s comment that “seeds are the chips of agriculture” to explain Xi Jinping’s “golden words on food”, saying that the CCP has done a great job, but it still can’t solve the problem of seeds and arable land. If you get hungry one day because of poor implementation at the base-level, you can’t blame the party. It can be expected that when the food crisis can’t be overcome, the great brainwashing and oppressive rule over the common people will come immediately!

  • Twitter to Clear Followers of President and White House Accounts

Institutional accounts such as @POTUS, which has 33 million followers, @WhiteHouse and @VP, which has 26 million followers, will not automatically retain their existing followers after the president’s inauguration, a Twitter spokesman said Tuesday. But the original followers of these old accounts were not cleared when Trump first took office as president that year, in 2016. Twitter Inc. is no longer hiding its double-standard approach.

  • HK Communist Government Procures 4 Times the Number of Citizens for Vaccines

There are only 7.5 million people in Hong Kong, but the Hong Kong Communist government has already signed contracts with Sinovac Biotech and Fosun Pharmaceutical to purchase 7.5 million doses each of the vaccine, and will purchase another 7.5 million doses each from Pfizer and AstraZeneca. What is the Hong Kong Communist government doing here?

  • New Record 962 Deaths of Pandemic in Germany Within a Single Day

In the past 24 hours, 25,000 new infections and nearly 1,000 deaths have been reported in Germany. The number of deaths in the first three weeks of the month is already twice that of last month. The current spike in mortality is of great concern due to the low death rate during the first wave of the outbreak in Germany.

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