Could We Have a Safe and Peaceful Christmas in This Year?

From December 8, 2020, to December 21, 2020, the number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus in New South Wales, Australia has reached 169. As the communities in the northern beach area of ​​Sydney have entered a state of strict control, all states and communities in Australia have begun to enter a tightly restricted situation. As of the 21st, there were 83 confirmed cases in the northern beach area of ​​Sydney alone. According to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, 38,000 people across the state have been tested.

At the same time, the NSW Health Department requires that close contacts in the relevant communities must be self-isolated for 14 days and tested for the new coronavirus. As a result, all states have stepped up border management and screening. On the one hand, people have begun to enter the celebration of Christmas; but on the other hand, people continue to fall into panic and tension. A common question is: can we have a peaceful Christmas?

Yesterday, some Western friends were discussing very anxiously: I want to attend a friend’s wedding across the state. Another friend asked: I originally wanted to go back to my hometown to visit my 94-year-old mum, can I still get back? I have invited a friend to my house to celebrate the garden I just built. May I cancel it? etc. Even the author had to cancel a celebration party for children during Christmas; the main reason was too many people might bring potential dangers to the little ones.

Originally, the Australian people experienced the catastrophic forest fires of the century from the end of last year, and then faced this unprecedented outbreak of CCP virus. Work has been affected, the business has been restricted, and social activities have been reduced to a very small extent. Everyone is looking forward to this Christmas to relax a little bit and get some compensation and comfort. As a result, this good wish will come to nothing by this new wave of virus attack.

More and more Western friends and Australian natives have begun to gradually awaken in the cruel reality. They began to demand for the investigation of the virus. Now everyone is beginning to feel that as long as the virus does not die out, normal life will not be fully restored. The new coronavirus outbreak in NSW before this Christmas has once again reminded people that the virus impact cannot be ignored. The author’s Australian friends are becoming more alert to the threat of the virus than the previous wave of outbreaks. Although they are not fully accept all the truths we bring up to them, such as the crucial information from our heroic scientists; but at least people have experienced the inconvenience of being interrupted by the pandemic. It is time for their further attention and follow-up on the virus issue.

Every time we communicate with our Western friends, we keep reminding them: Do you think the virus could disappear automatically? Do we still have long-term safety and normal life routine? When we asked such questions, many people didn’t think these were big problems; they even laughed at our comment on the virus of biochemical weapon features. But now they would like to share with us, listen to us; they begin to doubt the news they read from the mainstream media, they begin to do some research and probing by themselves. The reality of the epidemic and the cruel cost of life and health are educating everyone. 

But further, how to eliminate the virus? So this is what we want Western friends, Western communities and Western society to know widely:  If CCP exists, the virus will not disappear. The reason is simple. But how difficult it is to reach a consensus on this point; even so far, it has not been fully reached. The author hopes and appeals that if we cannot have a safe Christmas, then we cannot have a safe New Year. What we cannot get is far from a safe holiday or two, but a safe daily life for 365 days, or even for ever. This is what we are trying to do, and this is what we need everyone to see and understand: Eliminating CCP is the key to eliminating the virus.

Author: Xima & Three-Squirrels


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