LUDE Mdia: Why Dr. Yan Limeng is the one; Secretary Mike Pompeo who mentioned “there are brave scientists to alert the world to the dangers of the spreading virus”

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Proofreading: Dandan

The U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo tweeted: “The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) punished brave Chinese scientists, doctors and journalists who tried to alert the world to the dangers of this spreading virus… Even today, nearly a year after the world first learned of the outbreak, the CCP is still spreading disinformation regarding the virus and obstructing the World Health Organization investigation into its origin and spread.”

The brave Chinese scientist mentioned is undoubtedly Dr. Yan. The strong mutation of the virus is exactly what the Dr. Yan said. Then the journalist is refer to LuDe. Almost one year later, the facts have proved what was said on the LUDE Media (including 19th January 2020 LUDE Media show).  Apart from false accusations against Dr. Yan’s two academic reports, the CCP has not yet made any substantial counterattacks. It can be seen here that the CCP has punished these whistleblowers (including Dr. Li Wenliang) and has been preventing the investigation of the source. Not only this, they’re still fraudulent.

Pompeo mentioned that the brave Chinese scientists, and later proposed that the CCP blocked the investigation. It can be seen that the United States has clearly distinguished China from the CCP.

Zhong Nanshan (the running dog of the CCP to cooperate with them for covering the truth of virus ) has now put forward the argument of environmental virus, which is another conspiracy. It is to force the CCP’s vaccines. A 50 million vaccine measure will be launched in January. It can be seen that the operation of the CCP (leading to the second wave of epidemic) is in progress.

Lude and Dr. Yan who have a meeting with the people which Trump trusts most in Washington, so Pompeo will definitely know. He said these words with a basis to prove Dr. Yan is right.

The British variant virus triggered a wave of lockdowns. Many European countries and Hong Kong have imposed travel bans. The infection rate of the new mutation is 70% stronger, which is the same as Transformers. As much as the mutation, as much as the infection rate stronger. As long as one base of the gene is changed, the result is completely different. 119 (January 19, 2020) The LUDE Media said five points, one is human to human transmission, and the second is a worldwide outbreak, which has now been verified. The third is that the CCP conceals the epidemic, and the fourth is strong mutation, which is currently being verified. The ability of the infection is getting stronger and stronger. Why is this virus not to get weak? The fifth is the bat virus from the Chinese military. Just to remind the world that we don’t have much time. There are now more than 2 million cases in the UK, and tens of thousands of people have died of virus. Now there has been a strong mutation. How terrifying! This tweet from the US Embassy in China by Pompeo tells the world that America hasn’t forgot the virus.

119 (January 19, 2020) LUDE Media shows that there is no optimistic performance up to now. When the situation gets a little better, this virus can be mutated, strongly mutated, and spread in a large area. For such a long time, it actually proves that this virus is extraordinary from any other virus. As Christmas is approaching, everyone has to ask, what makes us unable to celebrate Christmas normally? Li Wenliang, Fang Bin (the person who published video of the Wuhan situation, now disappeared), Chen Qiushi (also who has been stayed in Wuhan for a while to talk about the Wuhan virus situation on internet ) and others have all disappeared now. Pompeo is still delivering a message here that the United States has shared with all its allies. Pompeo has at least shared with NATO high-level officials. It is possible that NATO, headed by the United States, will punish the CCP. The crisis is approaching.

Video reference: LUDE Media on Youtube and GTV

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