December 18th, 2020【LUDE Media】What does it mean for the sudden cutting the power supplying of the southern part of China?

Translator: Ana


These sanctions are related to the limitation of the power supplying in China. Large-scale power supplying outages in the mainland of China. Almost the entire  China is talking about this, Jiangxi province and Hunan province are suffering power cuts. According to the explanation of the Communist Party of China (CCP),the reason is that the weather is relatively cold now, and electricity is used for heating in the south, so electricity is restricted to ensure the people’s heating. But the main reason may be that the Australian coal cannot be imported. Because the combustion efficiency of Australian coal is relatively high, and the combustion efficiency of Chinese coal is not comparable to that of Australian coal. The CCP says that electricity is used in an orderly manner, which is a manifestation of their planned economy (socialism style). 70% of the CCP’s power supplying comes from coal-fired power. Emissions reduction may cause the people to suffer from freezing in winter. Power supplying limitation marked the beginning of China’s economic collapse. In the future, the planned economy will be all kinds of orderly, orderly use of grain, orderly use of electricity and orderly travel, etc.

Large-scale power rationing is absolutely related to the sanctions of related companies and the lack of US dollars. In addition, the CCP has to prepare for wars. For example the huge power consumption of centrifuges; for example, the process of obtaining enriched uranium is extremely power-consuming.  The CCP knows what NATO is about to do (declare war on them). The purpose is to make the people in these places get used to the fact that some people have electricity and some people don’t have electricity, and then another round of power redistribution, controlling people’s property again, and dividing the people into different levels. How evil the CCP is! Military factories are unlimited with power supplying, and the biggest victims are private enterprises. The so-called orderly use of electricity is to make enterprises obedient, level by level.

Hu Xijin (one of the CCP government’s mouthpieces) said that energy saving and emission reduction is a terrible sentence. Energy saving and emission reduction is the beginning of (political) power redistribution. Under the guise of environmental protection, the actual purpose is to control the world. People who are restricted from using electricity will have a nervous breakdown.

The purpose of the Paris climate agreement is to control the world. People all over the world should use electricity and energy in an “orderly” manner in accordance with the requirements of the ruling class.

The core purpose of energy saving and emission reduction is to deprive you of power. However, the CCP has achieved its goals by modifying data, and other countries tend to reduce it by 20%. What is a community of shared destiny? That means “I limit electricity, and you must limit electricity”. This is globalization. And China can achieve the goal of orderly use of energy by sharing one command. What about other countries? Other countries have the right to restrict your freedom, your rights. Just like the 230 bill (U.S.), the bill was originally used to restrict pornographic speech, but the actual situation is that they would delete whatever posts they wanted to delete.

The CCP has been planting mines on environmental issues. It itself is the largest energy country, but it requires other countries to save energy and reduce emissions. Every Chinese are going to be angry with the CCP. The CCP is sacrificing the interests of Chinese people to threaten the people of the world in order to rule  the world. An international environmental convention can be used by the CCP, what about others?


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3 months ago

5,893-page bill a provision that says: “Nullifies the President’s use of the Insurrection Act.”



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