CCP will never solve the problems, but it will “solve” you!

Author: BoLu文龍 | Translator:野马 | Proofreader:Rosy Cloud 七彩霞

In 2019, the Communist Party of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) government work report has a national public program spending budget of about 23 trillion Chinese Yuan. Of that, the defense budget (military spending) is about 1.18 trillion Yuan, while the official figure for the public security budget (also known as funding for stability maintenance) is only 179.7 billion Yuan. What about the reality?

The 21st Century Business Herald released data saying that public security (stability maintenance spending) accounted for 5.9% of the nation’s total annual public budget, which is about 1.39 trillion Yuan, a figure even higher than the 1.18 trillion Yuan spent on national defense!

Then looking at the data of livelihood information, if all Chinese nationals implement universal tiered free medical system, the rough budget figure is 600-700 billion yuan per year. (The so-called tiered medical system, which means that what kind of diseases go to what level of hospital, the diagnosis is decided by the doctor, to avoid the duplication and waste of excessive medical treatment, for example, a cold can only go to the community level hospital, and only a major disease can go to the tertiary hospital.) If you buy the medical insurance of non-discriminatory which covers urban and rural, probably just need 200-300 billion yuan per year, you can probably feel the concept of public security (stability) spending 1.39 trillion is what.

A very simple truth, what if such a huge amount of money for stability maintenance were directly used for education, medical care, pensions, etc., to improve people’s livelihoods and solve the many problems exposed by civil discontent? If so, one can imagine how many conflicts and sufferings would be reduced, and how many tragedies would be avoided? And no one would petition again, wouldn’t there be no need to maintain stability at all?

The answer is: No! Absolutely not!

Because they’re communists, CCP, they’re in control of the state apparatus, they’re the masters!

This arrogance of power comes from their 70 years of treating the national people as slaves and leeks, even worse than pigs and dogs.

CCP does not want to, cannot, and will not be able to do anything to solve the problems of people’s livelihoods and grievances.

All they can do is finishing the people off who raised the issues!

Wake Up! Chinese People!

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