The Chinese Communist Party plans to convert 100 million acres of farmland next year, is it too late?

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting

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Reference News Network published an article titled “Hong Kong media concern: China will build 100 million acres of high standard farmland next year, equivalent to the territory of Ireland” on December 23, once again issued a warning of food crisis.

The article said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a statement on the 17th that it would upgrade 100 million acres of farmland to “high standards,” a 25 percent increase from the target of 80 million acres in 2020. An additional 15 million acres of farmland will be upgraded with irrigation conditions to conserve water.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs acknowledged that the task was “very difficult” and said it would prioritize implementation in functional grain production areas to make up for the shortcomings of China’s agricultural infrastructure and boost grain production capacity.

The announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development comes after the State Council of the Chinese Communist Party issued a document last month to local governments at all levels, stipulating that the transfer of arable land for non-food crops is prohibited and requiring the use of satellite remote sensing technology to monitor the cultivation of land for food.

The article quotes Hongzhou Zhang, a food security expert at the so-called Rajaratnam Institute of International Studies in Singapore, as saying, “Overall, I’m not too worried about food security in China because the global market is still a buyer’s market.”

And regardless of whether the goal of upgrading 100 million acres of farmland will be achieved next year, the article has not yet confirmed whether this year’s target of 80 million acres of renovation has been reached. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also admitted that the task was “very difficult”.

Moreover, food production and supply is a cyclical endeavor, and is it too late to think about mending the fold in response to the looming food crisis?

The view of the so-called experts in Singapore that “the current global food market is a buying market” is ridiculous. Nowadays, the world is experiencing a CCP virus pandemic, overall food production is declining, and some food exporting countries are limiting or reducing food exports to ensure national security.

“I’m not too worried about China’s food security problem” is rather like saying that there is no silver lining here.

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