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The U.S. Department of Commerce includes 58 Chinese companies and 45 Russian companies in the entity list

These 58 companies include China Aviation Industry Corporation and its 7 subsidiaries, China Aero Engine Group and its 8 subsidiaries, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and other CCP’s core aviation companies and research institutions, covering instruments, materials, parts and components, whole-machine enterprises from both  state-owned military enterprises and Civil-Military-Integration private enterprises. The 45 Russian companies that were sanctioned include companies registered in Russia by the CCP, and top companies such as Sukhoi and Tupolev Aircraft Manufacturing Co., which were deeply controlled and utilized by the CCP to steal US aviation technology through  Russia. These sanctioned companies will no longer be able to import required products from the United States, nor will it be easy to steal American technology.

CCP’s military virus laboratory is included in the list of entities

In the sanction list, there is also a special company-the toxin analysis laboratory of the Institute of Toxicology and Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences. It can be seen that even the equipment used by the CCP to manufacture viral biological weapons is also from the United States.

The sanctions are a heavy blow to the CCP.

Without American devices and services, CCP’s aviation industry will be completely paralyzed, CCP’s virus research and manufacture will end thoroughly, and the staff of those companies and their family will be sanctioned for a  lifetime if not defecting to The Whistleblower Movement. As America has switched its sanction to virus areas, more virus-related labs and universities, including the P4 lab in Wuhan and the P3 lab in the university of Hong Kong (HKU), will be added to the entity list.

Chinese military says it expelled a US naval destroyer with its naval and aerial forces.

China’s military on Tuesday claimed to have “expelled” a US Navy destroyer USS John S. McCain sailing near Nansha Islands with its naval and aerial forces. Though CCP’s disabled carrier is no match to USA ones, it is more than enough to deal with a destroyer. The CCP hyped its action afterwards as well, intending to warn the world that it’s the boss of the South China Sea and those companies and interest groups which rely on the waterway there have no choice but to help it defeat Trump.

Russia adds salt to CCP’s wounds.

China is now suffering from severe electricity shortage in many regions when Russia, which exports 300 million kwh of electricity to China every year, suddenly announces it will reduce or even stop completely its electricity export to China. Clearly Russia is asking for a higher offer. Meanwhile, Russia announces it will impose a 30% tariff on soybean export to China.

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