Why CCP Gov. Is Unqualified to Represent Chinese?

By Katniss and  Baiye

December 22, 2020

Picture resource: We take three examples here.

Case 1

Translation the above content:

Headline: British are launching anti-Chinese wave and excluding Chinese one by one.

2020-07-20, Recently, there was an article released by Daily Mail,”Chinese Communist Party and his tiger woman are imposing influence on UK”

The original Sina article link

Analysis: Daily Mail wrote “Chinese Communist Party (CCP)……. influence”. But when the Chinese propaganda Sina reported, the headline subject was “Anti-Chinese Wave…”. The Sina report without any original article link attached, is bullying Chinese people who read mandarin only and let them irritate UK. The purpose of it is to make Chinese and CCP as the same thing. If you dislike CCP, they will mislead Chinese as you “anti-Chinese”.

Case 2

Translation the above content:

2020-07-16,One of the CCP’s propaganda Cankaoxiaoxi, released one article, the headline was “British is being a cheerleader of the USA “anti-Chinese league”

Analysis: I can’t find thus an article from the so-called “the original article from The Guardian, 14/07/20”. There is no any original article link attached. Moreover, it blames “Sir Vince Cable is a leadership of the cheerleader to anti-Chinese battle.” Vince Cable was anti-Huawei’s 5G building project involved in UK. But the CCP’s points are always leading Chinese people annoy UK’s anti-Chinese thoughts. Blow down the UK’s dignity as the USA flattery in Chinese heart those especially to those who read mandarin only.  CCP will never introduce Chinese people how Huawei becomes a part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army stuff.

The original Cankaoxiaoxi article link

Case 3

Translation the above content:

The CCP propaganda Guancha reported: “After India, USA and Australia, someone in UK wants UK in the list of the ban-TikTok country.   According to the The Times 2020-07-20, Iain Duncan Smith “TikTok as dangerous to Britain as Huawei, insist leading Tories”, Smith believe TikTok as same as Huawei, is very close to Chinese Intelligent Agent. Iain is a Vanguard of the anti-Chinese league in UK politics”

Analysis: Iain is pissed off about the Chinese big high techs which close to CCP intelligent agent for the sake of UK security. Here I think he is rational. However, CCP’s propaganda just reported very personal view without the original article link Always, criticized Iain is the “vanguard of the anti-Chinese” in bold Madeiran attached Iain’s image. There are lots conflictions we can observe what CCP did for the 1.4b Chinese and the world people. 

The original Guancha article link

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1 year ago

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