Russia cuts power supply to China: a downhill slope in Sino-Russian relation

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On December 10, an article titled “Russian power companies suddenly announced: Will they stop supplying 3 billion kWh of electricity to China?”  The article “What’s going on” was published in “MP Headlines”.

To quote the article (in English translation):

As our neighbor, Russia has always had a good trade relationship with us. We often import Russian Electricity and natural gas,and Russia has always been very  willing to cooperate with us, but this time Russia’s InterRAO company said that it might stop supplying electricity to China. What happened to make the “old partners” who have been cooperating for many years suddenly stop supplying electricity?

The Russian electric power company has maintained a long-term power cooperation with China. In 2019, the power company provided 3 billion kWh of electricity to China. According to the situation this year, my country’s demand for electricity should increase even more. , So Russia should have made more money, but at this time it said it would stop importing. It really makes people wonder what happened…”

These are clearly propaganda mouthpieces by the CCP.

Firstly, according to Mr Miles Guo who started the Whistleblower Movement, who has gained high credibility from the accurate information he exposed,  Russia will stand with the United States when the world confronts Communist China. Russia will, at a critical moment, completely step out of the dirty political relationship with China, because it never shares the same dreams despite being in the same bed with China. This is all because Russia wants to protect its life and property, and will see the United States as an ally in this.

Secondly, the traditional Russian Orthodox Church has retained the last piece of pure land for Russia, and therefore retained a small number of traditional conservative elites in various fields. The main reason why the United States was able to become the world’s leader is the powerful and unique civilization that the political and economic order established by Christianity gave birth to. Russia is no exception, its conservative elites want to return to normal order.  The main manifestation is to completely decouple from the CCP. 

Moreover, Russia suddenly stopped power supply, perhaps because the CCP’s domestic industrial electricity consumption has fallen to an unbearable level, and there is no need for Russian electricity. However the CCP wants to set up a torii to support the fake big empty economic rolling pin by blaming Russia. The Communist government clearly wanted to pave the way for public opinion for future interruptions of the power network.

Finally, Russia may want to increase its bargaining chip in future negotiations with China, including with the New Federal State of China after the CCP collapses.

So is this a big deal? The cease in supply of 3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity may seem miniscule, but it may be the beginning of an irreversible change that starts the snowball rolling. As Miles Guo said in his many livestreams, one day the world will have no choice other than to unite and take down the CCP.

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