A Complete Shuffle of Economic, Financial, Technological and Racial Interests in the US Accompanied by a Vigorous Spring Tide of Taking Down the CCP

In his GTV live broadcast on December 14th, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo said that the United States is currently facing the war to take down the CCP, as well as the crisis of a civil war. This will be a complete shuffle of the economic, financial, technological, and racial interests within the United States. America will either be reborn in the crisis or killed by the crisis. Mr. Guo also said that he believes 100% that America will be reborn in this crisis and that the CCP will be eliminated regardless of what happens.


The United States is facing two wars – the war to take down the CCP, and its civil war. In this circumstance, America should take this opportunity to completely solve the backlog of all its internal political problems of the past few decades. 

Not to mention the “swamp” or the Deep State, which are two different concepts, just like the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the past. The Democratic Party used to speak for the ordinary people. It wanted freedom, rule of law and democracy. The Republican Party spoke for the wealthy people and safeguarded the interest of the rich. 

Now it is the other way round. The Republican Party speaks for the poor and wants freedom, rule of law, and democracy, while the Democratic wants to be the dictator now to enslave the poor and speak for the rich. It has completely turned the other way round. 

This kind of liberation does not refer to the “swamp” or the so-called Deep State. The big crocodiles living in the “swamp” all have their masters. There are people to manage the villains. The masters of the “swamp” who manage the crocodiles are really the most … the invisible power in the world. 

Deep State is an organization controlled by some interest groups within the country. It is at a level … which the “swamp” is far below. The “swamp” will exist forever. It is impossible to drain it completely. It is necessary to drain some bad stuff out and continue to maintain the balance. 

You have seen recently that big enterprises and funds turned tail and ran. You only saw Elon Musk, you only saw Oracle, you only saw Goldman Sachs moving to Florida, but you have not seen those unknown funds. There are a lot, brothers and sisters, too many of them. 

This is a complete shuffle of the economic, financial, technological, and racial interests within the United States. Regarding America, I am still saying that it will either be reborn in this crisis or killed by this crisis. I believe 100% that America will not be killed but be reborn in this crisis because the result would either be the CCP ruling America and the whole world, or (America) taking down the CCP. But regardless of what happens, the CCP will be eliminated. 

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