War Room: Pandemic Ep 600 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

A 5,000 page stimulus Bill, $900 Billion Covid-19 Aid Bill has been dropped in Washington DC, essentially only 600 dollars to an individual.

Bannon: I think the national debt now is 28 trillion dollars.

John Fredericks: the republican establishment here is doing nothing at all to stop any fraud. Governor Kemp doesn’t care what the pressure is because he figures behind the scenes everything is fine. Their whole strategy is just to run out the clock. It’s very frustrating. The only way now you’re going to get a special session is to put enormous pressure on speaker David Ralston. But he pressured members not to sign the petition and threaten them with stripping off their seats. 

Total disrespect to Trump, disrespect for the voters of November 3rd. It is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in journalism steam in three decades.

I think President should withhold his visit on January 4th. This massive rally is going to do in order to get out to vote for them. He needs to withhold that and say, look if you want me out there for you to put you over the top, you’ve got to fight for this. The only thing they’re going to respond to is getting kicked out of office.

Boris Epshteyn: I told listeners, I told the viewers keep a close eye on Pennsylvania. Yesterday we filed the first and hear me loud and clear, the first direct claim, direct petition for the supreme court from the Trump campaign. So that is major major major coming out of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania supreme court, Pennsylvania clerk’s took away the rights of the Pennsylvania legislature given by the federal constitution to set how elections for President are held in Pennsylvania. And that is up to the supreme court right now along with the motion for expedited review because as we know, time is of the essence.

The path is to continue pushing our judicial fronts in Pennsylvania in Michigan in Wisconsin to push the legislature to call special sessions and to expose every piece of voter fraud, voter regularity, election fraud, election irregularity, so when the time comes on January 6th, counting in congress in the joint session, which is the right of the Vice President to open and count the votes and that there’s a ton of information out there, and then the correct electors are counted based on the most legal votes in specific states.

The 6th Jan. is a day of real significance. If there’s no decision on the 6th, if there’s not a President based on the most legal votes and most electrical based on that. By the 20th then there’s an acting President, so congress figures it out. 

We are absolutely not running out of time because the operative action from here out is actually going to happen in congress in terms of what needs to happen for the President to be chosen based on the most electorates, which are based on the most legal votes in terms of the special sessions being called. If a special session is called in Georgia as it should be no matter what day, no matter what time it is, those representatives and senators are going to get in.

David Darnell, Republican Party Oregon Chair CD5: The State of Oregon police are charged with security at the Capitol building, and they were in fact inside of the building that met some of the protesters as people are frustrated and to redress their grievances. State police today put pepper spray on people. Many of the protesters came outside of the building coughing and rubbing their eyes, then a little later after that, the state police actually came out with pepper balls and forced everyone off of the Capitol grounds. 

Michael Walsh, Columnist at The Epoch Times, author of Last Stands: briefed the battle of the Bulge in Bastogne that took place over the Christmas period 1944. Bastogne was a key location for both the Allied and Axis armies. Many soldiers spent Christmas 1944 “celebrating” the best that they could. For American soldiers, their Christmas was spent on the battlefield.

We are fighting this Christmas for the constitution. For the future of this country.

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