Why the power system, health bureau and immigration department of the Chinese Communist Party has been hacked

Author: Xiao Heihei
Translator: Jessica
Proofread: Lish

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On December 21, U.S. time, Mr. Guo mentioned in his Getter that a country hacked the power system, health bureau and immigration department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The following are possible reasons.

1)Power system:

The economy is usually the biggest accelerator before the end of each regime. Electricity and fuel are the pillars of the economy. Therefore, break down the power system could accelerate the collapse of the economy. I predict that overseas crude oil will gradually reduce its supply to the CCP.  A similar example can refer to the process of the demise of the Kuomintang. Recently, the U.S. sanctions on Chinese companies that cooperate with Iran. The U.S. intelligence system can quickly obtain information about these companies that cooperate with Iran. Why did sanctions only be started recently? Because this can achieve the best results.

2) Health Bureau:

The health system holds the national health information of its population. What is the impact of this epidemic on China? How many people died? How many people died abnormally? The number of deaths increases sharply at a specific moment may somewhat related to the pandemic, no matter what the cause of fatalities were made.

In addition, which classes are those deaths? If the number of fatalities among cadres at or above the division level is relatively small, it also indirectly confirms the selectivity and unnatural factors of the virus. And whether the time of the outbreak is consistent with the official reports? The timeline can also testify the information that has been obtained.

3) Border Entry and Exit:

By obtain border entry and exit data, you can match your country’s entry and exit information. As a result, you will have a deeper understanding of the development and spread of the US epidemic.

First of all, you can get the information of people who were leaving the country, and look at their activity tracks in that country. Suppose a person becomes the source of infection after arriving in the United States. In that case, you can use big data to compare the domestic traces during the same period to understand the infection of this person is normal or abnormal. The arrives could link to the distribution of the pandemic in the United States.

Was the action taken by the United states random? I guess it was an act of speeding up the termination of the CCP based on the content of Mr. Guo’s live broadcast and a threat recording from Xi Jinping. It appears that the U.S. obtained the information to verify the information it had received, according to several units that were hacked.

On the 21st, Mr. Guo mentioned in his broadcast that most overseas countries had recognized the nature of the virus. Thus, the three doors to overthrow the CCP are open. If the intelligence information in the hands of the United States is verified, it is believed that more severe sanctions will fall like thunder, and good news will follow

Mr. Guo also mentioned that the good life rushed to us without turning, and the harvest season of the Whisleblowers’ Movement had arrived. December 21, 2020, is a day worth remembering.

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