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Pompeo accused the CCP of covering up the truth of the virus

Brave Chinese scientists, doctors and journalists tried to disclose the danger of the virus to the world only to be punished by the CCP. One year after the outbreak of the epidemic, the CCP is still spreading false information about the virus and stonewalling any investigations in its origin and spread. The official US Twitter account retweeted Pompeo’s speech that reveals the spread of false virus information by CCP. It is a step closer to publicly identifying it as a biological warfare. The CCP’s unrestricted war against the civilized world is on the table.

Lin Wood posted 4 tweets on end revealing the devil nature of the CCP

“I have warned for months that we were being played by Covid-19, false accusations that we are systemically racist country, attacks on law enforcement – all intended to divide & control us.

Then CCP working with other third party actors tried to steal our election.

Awake now?”

“Mainstream media, governors & other state & local officials, Senators, Congressmen of both parties, & judges have been corrupted by Communism. Officials & bureaucrats at highest levels of US government too. Businesses across spectrum have embraced CCP. Hollywood? You bet.


“We have been lulled into believing doing business with China is good for America. Nonsense. CCP is evil. They want to destroy us, our way of life & our freedom.

CCP is the devil. Too many Americans have made deals with the devil.

@realDonaldTrump ran for POTUS to wake us up.”

“CCP has laughed as it built its economy & military off our hard earned dollars. We educated CCP students. They stole our trade secrets. They have almost stolen our nation’s soul.”

The US military has completed one of the most complex operations in history

Completion means success. If it is comparable to the most complex military operations in history, it is at least of a Normandy-Landings level. Secretary Miller specially  thanked Vice President Pence in his speech, which means this operation is probably related to Venezuela, because  Guajardo came out right after Vice President Pence made a  speech on Venezuela in those days. Neither did information of the action come out during its implementation, nor was much information given when it was completed, which suggests its extreme confidentiality and possible great aftermath.

The vast conspiracy behind the China’s newest carrier, the Shandong, sailing through the Taiwan Strait

The Chinese military was a “no-show” at annual air and naval safety talks with the United States deliberately so that their “smoking” carrier could sail through the narrow Taiwan strait on 17th. After entering the strait, they can either make a fake accident with the US navy or bully the regular American warships with its advantage in size. By either of them they can actually block and control the strait, and then compel the main economies who rely on the strait to surrender and to help them overthrow the Trump administration. Once their plan succeeds, the CCP will control the South China Sea and Persian Gulf with the same trick. And that is why the CCP is working around the clock now to produce the disabled carriers.

President Trump’s intention to delay the Defense Authorization bill.

As the New Year draws near, the big companies that desperately need to pass the bill to get orders and arrange for next year’s budget have to lobby and press the congressmen to add the clause of repealing Act 230 in the Defense Authorization bill.

New coronavirus variant in UK causes panic

France, Germany, Italy and other 3 countries announced a halt to flights and travel from the UK.

Johnson put southeast England and London  into “Tier 4” restrictions.

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