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Meadows, another CCP henchman planted in Trump administration EXPOSED

Lin Wood tweets that “someone needs to do a deep dive on @MarkMeadows.”As some serious skeletons were revealed by witnesses, Meadows either support Trump or he “will be deemed a traitor to We The People”, and “every lie would be revealed.” Once again, the information from Whistleblower Movement and Lude Media got verified. Except Mnuchin, Meadows was another person that CCP had put on Trump’s side.

White House Chief of Staff was the Key person for Xi’s threat to Trump

The reason why CCP also had a copy of Biden’s hard drive was that the Chief of Staff had been compromised by CCP. CCP’s first target was the Treasury Department, which was related to Wall Street. The second target was the Chief of Staff who actually controlled the White House. If the Chief of Staff and the president were not on one side, then it was difficult for the president to take any step. Meanwhile, the key reason why Xi dared to say that he would overthrow Trump and even his families before January 6 was that the White House Chief of Staff has been bribed earlier.

CCP’s actions was revealed in Linwood’s tweet today. Xi may have issued an assassination order, and Trump should finally understand the political ecology of the US at this moment.

Fox News host Maria interview reveals that the Chinese Communist Party infiltrated the U.S. political bigwigs

The Fox interview reported “it is clear that the Chinese Communist Party has a real strategy, their infiltration is extraordinary in scope, and there are many big names in Washington who want the Biden affair to go away because it will make the finger point to themselves”.

Both McConnell’s wife and Pelosi’s husband have close ties in business with CCP

It seems that the Elaine Chao family is running a legitimate shipping business, but the crux of the matter is that the shipping business is financed by loans from the Chinese government to buy ships. These ships were made by the Chinese government and their crews were recruited by the Chinese government.

Most contracts they get are for shipments of goods made by state-owned Chinese companies along the Pacific coast.

If McConnell does something bad to the CCP then the CCP can destroy his family’s business.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has done business in Mainland China for 25 years, and has profited from private meetings with top officials of the CCP. These things have all proved that the CCP transfer benefits directly to top U.S. officials.

The CCP’s Sweetheart Deal with the American political class is eroding the American system

The tactics that CCP used successfully in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are now being used in the United States, to effectively take the top political leaders into captive.

By making “sweetheart deals” with the family members of American politicians, CCP tries to reduce their criticism to the Chinese government.

The question now is whether we should do something about it or just see it happen.

Maria of FOX promised the audience that she would never divert attention from such behaviors.

Powers of justice have awoken, collusion between the Democratic Party and the CCP will be investigated.

California’s Silicon Valley is a region where the CCP has tried their best to erode. In the 20 plus years of Feinstein as a senator, CCP was able to eavesdrop on her secret phone calls, but she photographed with Fang Fang, the communist China spy, the Democratic Party can’t escape from questioning.

“We had tried to pass a bipartisan resolution to set up a task force against the Chinese government when the virus spread,” said McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, “The night before we were going to announce it, the Democrats withdrew from it.”

The CCP has already controlled many politicians in the United States by BGY (abbreviation for “Blue, Gold and Yellow”, which means the tactic to control Western media, politicians and tycoons with money bribery and kompromat about illegal sex). Rep. Nunes said a special prosecutor should be appointed immediately to specially investigate the Biden family’s ties with the CCP.

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