Condensed Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (12/20/2020)

Translated by Himalaya CT-KY
Edited by Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Himalaya CT-Antsee-GTV
Proofreading and revised by – Bruce,烟波浩渺
Editor: Himalaya CT- V

Dear comrades in arms

1. Dear comrades-in-arms, when Mr. Guo said very early that the Sino-US trade war and the US presidential election would be a comical result, and whether the US election is comical or not has a bearing on the whole world, today we can see if there is any kind of world happening in the world. At the end of the day, how does Satan the devil finally compete with God? But comrades-in-arms, if you followed the Whistleblower Movement for three years and listened to most of Miles Guo’s videos, then your view and perspective on the world and your personal sublimation at this time will be completely different. The value and significance of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China to the Chinese people and the world, and the greatness of the comrades-in-arms, far exceeded everyone’s imagination. When using all the current social media to look at what is happening in the world, the perspective is a downward perspective, that is, when you look at the outside world from the bottom of the well, you cannot see the full picture of the event. But if you are from the perspective of the Whistleblower Movement (Mr. Guo will break the news every time a major event occurs, and the major events from 2017 to the present are verified one by one), the point of view of the world is to look down.

2. Vaccines: When the vaccine “appeared” today, please come back to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on March 14th(2020), talking about the coronavirus as the bragging point of war. Let’s take a look at the countries that first called out that there are vaccines, and can produce and vaccinate them. Let’s take a look at which countries have released the so-called news that national leaders have been vaccinated through the media? Miles Guo was the first to say that vaccines will definitely cause a second secondary disaster. It is reported that the vaccination has caused the death of nurses, and Vice President Pence is the virus vaccine platform and vaccinated. Who said that the two vice presidents are not fuel-efficient lamps? Only the Whistleblower Movement and Miles Guo said: The coronavirus is a biological and chemical WEAPON, behind which is the redistribution of capital interests between the old and the new, and may even be the bugle of the Third World War. From this perspective, the only person who can see the coronavirus and vaccine incidents is the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal States of China, Miles Guo.

3. Looking back, since 2017, Miles Guo started anti-CCP, one person against one country. Many opponents at that time are now in prison or hell. However, Miles Guo and his comrades became stronger and stronger, and formed the New Federal States of China and the G series. Pulling the battlefield overseas makes CCP a challenge to all mankind! The wisdom shown here and the absolute control of international politics, international finance, international order and the future development context, as well as the mastery of accurate intelligence, comrades in arms, you will re-examine the value and significance of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China to the world. The Whistleblower Movement is that the revolution not only has the ability to destroy the communists, but also enables the comrades to live a respectable, prosperous and beautiful life in a reasonable and legal manner. All this depends on the Whistleblower Movement and the strength of the New Federal States of China.

4. International situation: Miles Guo said this morning that Russia’s attitude towards CCP will undergo essential changes. Miles Guo was also the first person to talk about Russia’s double-headed eagle strategy. Russia doesn’t believe in CCP at all, and it always requires CCP to pay in advance and sign large contracts when doing transactions. Putin’s IQ far exceeds that of some of the CCP pigs. This turnaround with CCP is in Russia’s interest, and the money has been paid. At the end of January 2018, Mr. Guo talked about the Russian double-headed eagle strategy: Malaysia will be the first card for the thief family to counter CCP from Southeast Asia and penetrate BGY overseas. Malaysia will be followed by the Philippines, and then will turn to Venezuela. The boss of South America is Brazil and the new President Bolsonaro. Behind him are Mr. Bannon and the United States. When Bolsonaro came to power, Venezuela would be cleaned up, and then the entire South American world would be controlled by the Brazilian president. Venezuela, Angola and the Middle East account for 80% of China’s LPG supply. CCP transports oil through the Strait of Malacca and the Strait of Hormuz. The sources are Angola in Africa, the Middle East and Venezuela. After the collapse of these countries, Russia will definitely choose the side station. CCP will be alone by then. This is called fixed-point blasting. Russia is very smart and will eventually follow the coalition to destroy the Communists. The CCP economy will surely collapse first, and then the war will proceed simultaneously. Today, quietly, the United States has imposed a number of sanctions on CCP. As a result, the foreign trade economy of CCP has been devastated, as well as the current financial explosion. When these are all broken, CCP is like a blasted building, instantly razed to the ground. After that, the CCP is facing the energy problem, and no country will be willing to provide energy to CCP at the risk of angering the United States and paying a huge price.

5. CCP’s conspiracy: My comrades in arms, when seeing today’s U.S. election situation and the outbreak of the coronavirus on all mankind, listen to what Miles Guo said in a video at the end of February that CCP wants to spread the virus to the world, President Trump ,his family and the people around him got sick. Think about it, everyone. The virus that Miles Guo said is the bragging point of war… Only the Whistleblower Movement looks at this issue from this angle and height. This is why the Whistleblower Movement can save lives, save money, have a future, and produce the G series, all of which rely on strength. All the swallows and pigeons who want to challenge the Whistleblower Movement and infiltrate our Connecticut Farm, some are currently in some more important positions. But your comrades don’t worry, the swallows and pigeons will eventually be exposed, and they will not be able to shake anything. And our comrades in arms need to calm down and filter some people and things smarter and smarter. For example, some of them use private messages to make irresponsible remarks or ask for some information in private. Please keep your eyes open. The strength of the Whistleblower Movement through the CCP three years ago, but it is still lingering, which can explain everything. The goals of the New Federal States of China and the Himalayas must be achieved.

6. The Sino-US contest: The absurdities happening in the world today: the general election, the virus, the silent power of the United States, and the full start of the media technology war. CCP revealed all its play cards, and the internal silent power was basically exposed. Once President Trump is elected, the domestic economy will collapse, it will be fragile, and it will not be slow. Bipartisan politics in the United States has a bottom line in any case, and there are limits to scales, and CCP is cruel to its own people, but once capitalism realizes that “you are my enemy, you are killing me.” My family moved my money”, they will never hesitate. In contrast, CCP has been stealing money around the world for so many years, and has caused so many people around the world to get sick and die through the virus. What will they face? Recently in the South China Sea, according to internal comrades-in-arms, a state of war was being created in the country, inciting hatred against Taiwan, anti-Japanese hatred against the United States, frequent changes of military leadership, and promotion to general. CCP knows in his heart that the United States will not let them go and the world will not let them go. If CCP want to get rid of the golden cicada and let other countries carry the pot, you will definitely fail, because there is a breaking news revolution and our Dr. Yan. From the recent speech of Wang Yi, saying that the United States should choose to engage in dialogue and consultation with China instead of imposing “unacceptable” unilateral sanctions against Chinese companies, we can see their inner panic. When the United States began to cut off their channels for stealing money and sucking blood, it had already hit their vitals. But no matter what he said, it is no longer possible for the United States to sit down and talk with CCP. No matter how turbulent the political situation in the United States is going to be, or how “not fuel efficient” the vice president is, it will not affect the inauguration of President Trump and his successor as President. The US elections and vaccines are proceeding according to what Miles Guo said. These big figures have come out to vaccinate publicly. If it is really a scientific, rigorous, and effective vaccine, do you need to do this? There is news that the 42-year-old healthy female nurse has passed away 8 to 10 hours after the vaccine was publicly administered. This news is still being verified. In the video of Mr. Guo around March, he said that vaccines, elections, the contest between the old and the new, the new world and the old world, are all related and not a single event. What we can see is nothing more than the “ultimate contest.” The form in front of our eyes.

7. For the next turn of Russia, there is no need to send troops, as long as the energy input of fuel and gas is stopped. Russia is the most important fortress of CCP. Is domestic energy sufficient? It hasn’t started, it hasn’t started yet, and its power has been cut. It is said that the construction of the Three Gorges power supply will reduce the price, and there is no need to talk about energy. It can be used for generations to come. What’s the result? The Three Gorges has been built, the ecology has been destroyed, threats existed, and millions of families have been moved. As a result, the electricity bill has not fallen but has risen. As a result, electricity is still being curtailed. This is the rogue of CCP. But no amount of deception will be able to reverse the consequences of the disasters created in these years. Withdrawing more money now is called a “political error”. More disasters in various aspects will follow. Coupled with external pressure, what will be the result? In addition to CCP, it may be anxious to jump over the wall, attack Taiwan, or go to war. No matter what kind of result, there is no way to escape the fate of death and destruction, only the way and time.

8. Miles Guo has been telling his comrades and the world that accurate judgments of past events are not predictions, but intelligence, accurate intelligence, intelligence from the Communist bandits, intelligence from the comrades, intelligence from Iran, and intelligence from Russia. Miles Guo has mastered CCP’s military ambitions and plans to challenge the United States and the West. These are the same goals as the One Belt One Road, 2025, 2035, and 2049: 3F America. This is why Mr. Guo asked the interpreter to tell all reporters in the audience during the last minute of the 2017 Washington press conference: Are the Americans ready? The darkness has come!

Mr. Guo said this morning (original words):” But the biggest thing today is that we have to cooperate with many governments to make them believe that this virus is a biological and chemical weapon of the CCP. You will see that there will be the same as our Dr. Yan. There are still some positions higher than her at this level. Some real parties like her will stand up and testify against the CCP virus. This is the biggest thing today, and I hope this thing will succeed. Today I tell you the good news: it worked! “

9. “Success!” Comrades in arms, how do you understand the meaning of this sentence? It really means that the elimination of CCP is already on the way. Of course, as Miles Guo said, the goal of eliminating CCP is to eliminate this system. So if it is too fast, or some things are not ready, other problems will arise instead. Today’s CCP is essentially a continuation of the feudal dynasty in the past. It is connected with the previous dictatorship. In a sense, our Chinese people only have a modern social form in material life. At the time of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or the Enlightenment, it took hundreds of years to turn Europe from the dark Middle Ages. We broke the news that the Revolution and the New China Federation were only more than three years old, and what we have accomplished so far is a miracle.

Actions of each comrade: The role played by today’s social media platforms cannot be ignored, so each of our comrades in arms should try their best to use these platforms and weapons. The participation and actions of every comrade-in-arms play a very critical and irreplaceable role in changing and accelerating the process of extermination. Therefore, the most important thing is to eliminate the communist party, and you can’t eliminate the CCP without you.

10. The mission of the farm: Thanks to all the new and old comrades who have joined the Connecticut Pangu Farm. The Connecticut Pangu Farm will do its best to serve all the comrades in order to solve the problem. At the same time, all the main persons in charge of the Connecticut Pangu Farm, including the farmer, unconditionally accept the supervision of all the comrades. Everyone Questions and requests can be raised at any time. There is no farm without comrades in arms. It is our unshirkable responsibility to defend the interests of and protect the safety of every comrade in arms. The farm is talented and capable. I hope all talented comrades in arms will join the Connecticut Pangu Farm and give full play to your strength.

Thanks again to all the comrades in arms for their trust and support for the program of Mr. Mask. Finally, I must remind my comrades again, be careful of the virus, you can have everything if you survive. This is the end of today’s explosion. See you next time!

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