Google services including YouTube hit with global internet outage

Dear fellow fighters, it is Dec 14th, it is a big day.

I didn’t sleep much last night, then I heard that Google including YouTube experienced massive outage. Fellow fighters, who do you believe did this? Do you believe it was the CCP?

The answer to the riddle will be revealed in the future. Our GTV will reveal it. It will exceed your limit of imagination, which is not as simple as you think.

But the overthrow of the CCP’s Internet has already begun. No one can gain an insight into the details. Overthrowing the CCP’s Internet started a few hours ago.

When the Internet was disconnected worldwide, only our GTV was operating smoothly. GTV is absolutely amazing. Let’s take a look at the background data. Our fellow fights both in mainland China and oversea were on GTV, which was running steadily during the Internet outage. What can you say!This is what we called GTV.

Not only that, fellow fighters, after overthrowing the CCP’s Internet in the future, GTV, GNEWS and our G series will show the world the power of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. It is not only showing our courage, our wisdom, and our inner justice but also more importantly, the grasp of the status of global affairs and the ability of self-control.

If there are only conscience and faith hiding in your heart, not being turned into an action, I am saying if you don’t turn your wisdom into your own actions, it will not have an actual effect.

In the current materialistic society, everything is reflected by action.

Also brothers and sisters, things that all of you guys didn’t expect, just wait for a while, one by one you will see. In the recent two-three years, we told people in the whole world to be ready, for the darkness has come, and also asked the Chinese people to prepare for it. The good days are gone. Tell all Chinese compatriots that the war is at the front door, so the houses and cars which you valued are worthless, and it will become a burden on you.

All the information that you are allowed to see and hear is fake. Everything that prepares you for a war and asks you to save food is just designed for you, excluding the CCP. 

Why did the CCP ask you to do this, not including itself? what would it do next?

What else will it ask you to do? Donate your house, donate your children, donate all your money, then you have to go to the battlefield yourself.

Is this to scare you? No, Communism always does this. When did it not do this? No, communism will not stop doing this.

The public enemy of all human beings now is the Chinese Communist Party. Are there any illusions now?

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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