How is CCP laying Mines by Making Use of Environment Topics

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The purpose of the Paris Agreement on global environment protection is to dominate the whole world and to let people all over the world to orderly use electricity and energy according to the will of the governing class.

The core issue of emission reduction and energy saving is to deprive your rights. However, the CCP reaches its goal by manipulating and changing the data, while other countries have to reduce 20% of their emission gradually. What is a community of shared destiny? It’s the fact that if I  limit the use of electricity, you will do the same. This is globalization.

CCP can reach the goal of orderly use of energy by a simple directive, while other countries have their own control of rights to limit your freedom and rights. For instance, Section 230 (Communications Decency Act) is to limit the pornographic content, however, it became a tool for them to restrict whatever they wanted and to delete the contents wherever they desired.

The CCP has been planting mines on environmental issues. It itself is the largest energy consumption country but it asks other countries to reduce emission and save energy. The CCP is going to provoke public anger. It is also sacrificing the interest of its own people to threaten the people of the world in order to achieve the purpose of ruling the world. Then the international environment conventions (Paris Accord) will be used.

The U.S. State Department publicized an email from Hunter Biden, mentioning two issues, one is regarding Biden’s consultant, Blinken, the other is Kerry, whom Biden nominated as the Climate Ambassador, which is connected with Paris Accord. This is to deprive human rights. The company, named West Exec Advisors, is highly connected with Biden cabinet and its major business is to help developing Chinese market.  Other members (of the cabinet), such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs etc., served in Obama Administration as Deputy Secretary of State. They can control everything in the Eisenhower Building and enter into the Chinese market, which means that if you know my company you can directly reach the highest level in China. Then, they can make use of climate crisis to announce state of emergency to do whatever they want and to deprive people from their human rights and freedom, which means that the Central Party School of CCP may be opened in the U.S.A.

All the retired or the active senior executives can work there. This is horrific.


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