A Story of a Leek Being Reaped Under the Communist Regime

Author: Weilian
Translator: Lish
Proofread: Janyvo

Image Source: Zhihu

I have a high school classmate F in Beijing who was in the business of renovation. In 2001 when I returned to Beijing, I caught up with him. As a contractor at that time, F already had assets over tens of million of Yuan and lived an affluent life. People around him were all very impressed with, if not envious of his accomplishments.

In 2014, F bid for an army project, and after winning the tender, F invested 5 million to buy materials ready to get the project started. However, not long after Xi Jinping launched an “anti-corruption” campaign within the military, the person in charge of the project from the military side was arrested abruptly. The project then got terminated, and there was no one in the military to do the clean-up work. F wanted to get back the money he had invested but naturally he had no viable channel to complain or seek recovery. After all the avenues and contacts were exhausted, he had finally given up.

In 2015, F had no choice but to find something else to do. At that time, Li Keqiang was encouraging internet innovation. He returned to his rural hometown to be an online retailer. To his surprise, the rural market was under-developed, he invested a lot of money but couldn’t even get his APP online. Finally, his capital chain broke. By 2016, F depleted all of his savings, and he had to go back to work as a construction worker. In just three years, F exhausted all his funds.

This is a true story, under the “anti-corruption” and “innovation” campaigns launched by Chinese Communist Party senior leaders, how grass root from the bottom of the social Pyramid in communist China gradually being ruined and ultimately forced into economic despair, and the fruits of his hard work only being reaped by those in power.

Such story is not common in China. Through the Whistleblowers’Movement led by Mr. Guo, we have come to know that such things are actually happening every day in communist China. For example, HNA has more than 7,000 capital-trapping projects which have already cheated trillions of dollars from the people in China. In addition to HNA, there are Anbang, Bohai Financial Holdings, Beifang Founder. I used to think that these people are the model of success; these companies are the pride of China. But within a few years, some companies went bankrupt, and leaders of these companies were made “disappeared”, dead, or in jail! What an unbelievable and a magic world!

It was not until I followed Mr. Guo and the Whistleblower Movement that I learned that the prosperity of communist China is fake and easily manipulated just like a rolling pin. People at the bottom of the social hierarchy will only be harvested like leeks, and this so-called communism will only lead to the road of slavery in the end.

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