【Giselle column】Three reasons why Trump can’t impose military martial law

Author: Giselle
Translator: Jessica
Proofread: Maoben

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Recently, some people have started a petition in the White House website, hoping that President Trump will implement martial law to save the United States. As of December 20, nearly 20,000 people have participated in the petition on the White House petition website. The news that President Trump will implement martial law has also wildly spread. Regarding this, on December 20, President Trump issued a tweet saying that the news about military control is false, and General Flynn did not approve of full military control. He only suggested using limited military power to seize Dominican voting machines in swing states. Forensic examination and re-election.

The author would like to discuss with you why the United States is not suitable for entering the state of military control:

1. Trump’s biggest reliance is the military, the biggest resistance is the media, and the most difficult thing is to awaken public opinion. If the military is used to deal with the people, regardless of the starting point, it will be counterproductive.

2. The majority of the American people have not awakened, and the forces of Antifa, the black fate, and the Communist International have not been eliminated. Premature military control will not necessarily win the support of the American people. Under the instigation of these dark forces, the warming of the mainstream media in the U.S. is likely to lead to internal tears in the United States, resulting in tense military-civilian conflicts, and even a civil war.

3. Once military control is implemented, it is likely to fall into the “big reset” trap, causing a pressure cooker effect and not conducive to solving the problem. The ignorant masses will be incited to confront the military under the banner of democracy and freedom, thereby harming the innocent.

Under the infiltration of the communist virus, the democracy, freedom, and rule of law in the United States have long been in vain, and the system of separation of powers has long collapsed across the board.

From Clinton in 1993, to Bush Jr. in 2001, and then to Obama in 2017, the United States has been opening its doors for 24 years, welcoming the CCP’s all-round, dead-angle penetration, attack, corrosion, and layout.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote three open letters to President Trump this year about a global plan called “Great Reset.” The designers of this plan are the world’s top chaebols and political elites. For many years, they have established shadow governments to manipulate global politics in an attempt to conquer mankind. They plan to use viruses, vaccines, and digital chip identities to take coercive measures to plunder citizens’ wealth.

Restrict personal freedom and enslave people around the world. There is a link in the middle, called: closing the city.

On March 19 this year, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared martial law across the state; in July this year, the Governor of Victoria in Australia also announced a lockdown order. These two pilot cities are areas under the deep control of the CCP. The purpose is to test that under the pressure of the closure of the city, the people took to the streets to protest due to the psychological pressure of the virus and unemployment, resulting in an outbreak of police-civilian conflict and riots. Pave the way for the next step of vaccine control and enslavement of the people.

Therefore, it is unlikely to implement martial law unless Trump managed the media.

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1 year ago

BS Trump has the majority. It’s his best card and you know it. It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.