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LuDe Media 20201220 Morning News, New York Time

Xi Admitted a Neck-stucking Crisis in Seeds and Arable Land

In a briefing on the Central Economic Work Conference released on the Dec. 19, the CCP had to admit that the seeds and arable land have been stuck in the face of a serious impending food crisis. As already reported by LuDe Media in 2018, the Chinese Communist dictatorship cannot cultivate crop seeds. This is because the development of the seed industry is incompatible with a large unified management system, and long-term, differentiated cultivation must be conducted according to soil, water, and climate of each place in order to breed soil-suitable seeds. In the universal speculative atmosphere of quick profits, the Communist China completely has no incentive to develop this time-consuming and inefficient industry, resulting in at least 90% of seeds being imported each year.

It was only when the communist China was unable to import American seeds due to sanctions, that they remembered to retrieve their own seeds that had been abandoned for years, only to find that they were no longer adaptable to the long-changed soil. What’s more, the CCP has been developing real estates without restraint for decades, and the area of arable land has long been far below the published figures, leaving many places without land to plant. The annual food shortage is met by imports. The CCP’s lie of feeding 20% population of the global with 7% of the world’s arable land will soon be exposed, and a full-scale existential crisis for the common people is just around the corner.

Trump Tweet Interpretation: is Martial Law Fake News?

Trump’s tweet contains five possibilities: Trump’s actions will not be swayed by the leftist media; this tweet may contain the consideration of testing public opinion and mobilizing people to participate in the discussion to further awaken them; it does not mean that the martial law must not be deployed; Trump refuted the leftist media’s view that “Trump’s issuance of martial law is executive interference in the election”; it is also possible that Trump may not necessarily adopt martial law internally, which will restrict people’s freedom, but directly solve the CCP externally first, this root cause of the problem, and other domestic problems in the United States will be solved easily.

Hao Haidong: Extremely Normal for Xi Jinping to Say Something Like “Make Trump Disappear Before January 6”

Officials at all levels in the evil CCP system never treat their subordinates, let alone ordinary people, as human beings. For example, Wang Lijun, the chief of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, can blame his subordinates for not directly shooting the hostage takers for reasons such as “interrogation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and providing food and drink costs money and food”. The banner “Motorcycle robbers can be shot on the spot” can be put up near Changsha Airport in Hunan Province. It’s not surprising that Xi Jinping would say something like “make Trump disappear”.

More Than 3,000 Americans Unable to Move Normally After Vaccination

A total of 270,000 people in the United States were vaccinated in two days, and six of them had severe allergic reactions. Based on feedback from 215,000 people who received the vaccine, 1.5 percent of the vaccinated population, or about 3,000 people, we’re unable to function normally and required medical attention after vaccination.

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