China’s electricity usage restriction: ‘environment protection’ is a camouflage

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According to reports from CCP controlled mainland media, several provinces, including Hunan, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi, announced the electric power usage limitation policies. These policies, according to the CCP’s running dog, Xijin Hu (Editor-in-chief of the Global Times), aimed at promoting the “energy conservation and emission reduction,” an environment protection slogan you can see nearly everywhere in China.

Protecting the environment is nothing but a camouflage 

The official reason for the power restriction (to protect the environment) reminds people of the food saving campaign a few months earlier. The environment protection campaign happened simultaneously with the CCP’s embargo on Australian coal, an essential resource for generating electricity. This is similar to the story behind the food saving campaign that occurred shortly after the floods affected China’s summer grain harvest. Both campaigns are excuses to cover up the shortage of crucial resources, which damages the great image of the CCP.

When CCP says everything is under control, there must be some problems

Two days ago, the CCP official claimed that the national electricity supply is adequate in general, and residents’ life will not be affected. If you are the one who continues to follow the news in CCP controlled mainland China, you should be familiar with this kind of announcement. Usually, when CCP say that there is no problem, civilian suffers.

Last year we saw wide spread swine fevers in the CCP controlled mainland China, the CCP government announced no upward pressure on pork prices in the long-term. And now you’ll find that compared to October 2018, the pork price in October 2020 increased by 130.7%, and the price this year never return to the 2018 level.

During the earlier part of 2020, when the Covid-19 virus (also known as the CCP virus) broke out in Wuhan, Chinese officials claimed that everything is under control and there is no human-to-human transmission. What did we find out? Nearly the whole world is under the attack of the CCP virus.

Do not trust anything the CCP says, because history has shown to us that most of what they said turned out to be lies. As the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, once said: “When it comes to the [Chinese Communist Party], I say: ‘Distrust and verify.’ ”

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