Simple Math Confirms Voter Fraud

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In an article entitled “Revealed: Simple Math shows Biden claims 13 million more votes than there were eligible voters who voted in 2020 election” the Gateway Pundit lays out very compelling evidence of voter fraud.

Bill Binney is a former NSA Intelligence Officer and cryptanalyst-mathematician. He noted on December 18 that more people voted than were eligible to vote (if we believe the Democratic vote total).

Image Source: Gatewaypundit

Gateway Pundit goes on to say that the Washington Post states that the election of 2020 experienced the highest voter turnout in a century at 66.2%.

Image Source: Gatewaypundit

If all the registered voters, by state, are added up the total is 23.8 million.

Image Source: Gatewaypundit

Now let’s do the simple math. 213.8 registered voters times a 66.2% participation rate means 141.5 million voters cast a ballot. Trump won 74 million of those votes. 141.5 minus 74 equals 67.5 million remaining votes for Biden and independents. So, Biden must have received less than 67.5 million votes. This is less than Trump. So, Trump won the election!

The democrats claim that Biden received 79.7 million votes. It is impossible! There are at least 12.2 million fraudulent ballots.

Image Source: Gatewaypundit

[1] Gateway Pundit, “Revealed: Simple Math shows Biden claims 13 million more votes than there were eligible voters who voted in 2020 election”, Joe Hoft, December 20, 2020.

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1 year ago

Too bad the judges cannot do simple MATH.
Probably because they were bought off in some way.

Most of those judges said Trump had no standing.
Say WHAT???
He certainly DOES have standing.
He is running for reelection!

Only way to solve this is to declare martial law in democrat places and put those seditionists down HARD and permanently.
Need to set an example of what happens when you commit an act of treason.

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Just enjoy the interesting article of Gnews! Dec. 20, 2020