[Opinion] Washington Post Got the Basics Wrong

Author: Paratrooper

Washington Post recently wrote a hit piece on our fellow fighters who’ve been tirelessly holding the line amidst heavy snow to expose Teng Biao as a Chinese Communist Party(CCP) spy.
Here is where Wapo got it wrong

“Tell the truth about the virus, the CCP virus!” one female protester demanded…, brandishing a sign suggesting that the homeowner had helped manufacture the novel coronavirus as a bioweapon.

In just a few sentences, Wapo tried to distort our message as absurd as it could. No! We are not suggesting that Teng “manufactured the Virus”. We’ve been exposing him because he lied about the truth of the SARS-CoV2 whose real origin is in the lab of the People’s Liberation Army. That is not a conspiracy theory but a well-substantiated fact proven by Dr.Yan Li-meng’s two reports which are well received in both the scientific and the intelligence community.

A purposeful misinterpretation of a crime is a crime by itself. Teng’s deliberate misinterpretation of the virus origin trivializes the CCP’s misdeed in this pandemic from crime against humanity to gross negligence– a classic disinformation campaign on behalf of Xi Jinping. 

But recently, in a curious twist for an anti-CCP crusader, Guo began loudly denouncing Chinese dissidents in a series of videos, calling for his followers to “eliminate” roughly 20 people he deemed “traitors.” 

Here again, intentional or not, Wapo completely missed the mark. First of all, there wouldn’t be any “curious”  or “twist” had Gerry Shih done any due diligence. Teng’s hostility towards Mr.Guo dates all the way back to 2017, in fact, as early as when Guo started going public. 

In Teng’s recent essay Teng Biao: Why should people who support democracy oppose Trump? , he said, and I translate

 From the beginning of Trump’s 2016 campaign, I clearly opposed him, just as I opposed Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) when I first learned of him in 2017. 

How did Teng oppose Guo? 

 One of Teng’s tweet back then said it all. He wrote in Chinese, and I translate with google

“If you just support Guo Wengui to expose the truth, of course you are not who I criticize. I would also fully support Guo’s use of truthful information. What I criticize is those hysterical internet Red Guards who ignore the fact that Guo is a senior state security agent,peddling power and money, money laundering, lying,  cheating, backtracking, not allowing any criticism or questioning, buying Wumao to call people out, not correcting mistakes but  claiming to test the intelligence of netizens, spewing various conspiracies, incestous, malicious slandering, etc.”

A side note: As a lawyer, Teng must be so interested in the word “incestous” to put it in that tweet. 

To see if Miles Guo back in 2017 was truly a CCP operative like Teng Biao accused, look no further than a court case, revealed in 2020, in which Trump’s former campaign chairman Elliott Broidy plead guilty to the DOJ.

According to court documents, Broidy allegedly lobbied to have Guo removed from the United States at the request of a Chinese government official….

Another side note: This excerpt is from report, published in September 13, 2020, by none other than Gerry Shih, on Washington Post. (You can’t make this stuff up)

Teng and several other Chinese dissidents in North America told The Washington Post that Guo has sent protesters to harass them in recent months because they have publicly criticized Guo, who left China in 2014, before Chinese authorities accused him of bribery, fraud, rape and other crimes — charges he denies.

So WaPo knew for a fact that Miles Guo legitimately was not guilty but just happened to forget to include it in the paper. Teng Biao, on the other hand, has some big questions to answer. As a lawyer, what basis did he have when he accused Miles Guo who was seeking political asylum in the United States in 2017? Why did Teng echo what the CCP accused Guo of? As a human right lawyer, who claimed to had escaped from China, shouldn’t he have some awareness or appreciation of due process?

Here is your answer. Teng Biao is a fraud, a bad actor of the CCP, and that is exactly why our Whistleblower Movement is in front of his house, exposing, not “harassing”, him.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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