CCP’s Cover-Ups in SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic – Important Events

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US Democrats have been using the Pandemic as an excuse to pass several laws to allow mail-in ballots right before November 3rd, the official US President Election Day. But what most people are still not aware of is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and corrupt Americans were the ones directing the recent election fraud and manipulation. And besides that, the CCP planned the Pandemic as part of its 30-year Unrestricted Warfare.

What were the most important time points, events, and evidence that supported the Pandemic being part of the Unrestricted Warfare by the CCP (Ref. 1)?

1. A Crafted and Well-Planned Pandemic

“Between late summer and early fall, there was a dramatic increase in hospital traffic” across 4 major hospitals in Wuhan City, according to a Harvard Medical School study that analyzed satellite images (Ref.2). Were there any medical emergencies or outbreaks happening during that time?

Also happening at that time were 2 other international events: the 7th Military World Games, which were held in Wuhan City, with nearly 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries; and Event 201, a half-day pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a pandemic, which was sponsored by the Gates Foundation and was held at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (2 hours from Washington D.C.) on October 18. During Event 201, Johns Hopkins also developed a web-based tool that was used to collect data globally in order to track the daily number of infections and deaths. Two of the three developers were Chinese Nationals (Ref.3). Were they CCP connected or sponsored?

These two seemingly independent events were, in fact, related. CCP must have timed Event 201 to coincide with the World Games so that it could collect the data from the different countries attending. Furthermore, the involvement of the Gates Foundation with Chinese Nationals is highly suspect of CCP sponsorship in both events.

2. Where was Patient 0

Whereas Patient 1 was the first to contract the virus from Patient 0, Patient 0 was the first human to contract the virus. In such a large-scale outbreak, it is important to find Patient 0 because this is the only way to obtain a complete sequence of the pathogen in order to study it for a possible solution, including vaccination. In this case, Patient 0 was the first human to contract the virus from a non-human source, either animal or lab-based.

Dr. Ai Fen, Director of the Emergency Department in Wuhan City, received the SARS positive serology results for her first patient (Ref. 4) on December 30, and on the same day, she passed the information to warn her hospital colleagues, including Dr. Li Wenliang, the famous whistleblower known to the US.

Despite the swift actions taken by these brave whistleblowers, South China Morning Post did not publish any news about the first patient until March 13, 2020. Their piece of news was titled, “Coronavirus: China’s first confirmed Covid-19 cases traced back to November 17.”

From a recent, published paper examining the donated blood samples collected in 9 U.S. states from mid December 2019 to mid Jan 2020 for SARS-CoV-2 serological testing, it found that over 1% of ~73,000 blood samples showed positive for viral antibodies (Ref. 5). There was also another study testing ~950,000 US Red Cross blood samples, 2% of which were positive for viral antibodies. These data show that the virus was already present in the United States in the fall of 2019.

As of now, Patient 0 still has not been found. Two papers, published respectively in Lancet (Ref. 6) and the New England Journal of Medicine (Ref.7), both showed that the first patient who was hospitalized on December 1st, had no exposure to the Huanan Seafood Market The fact that Patient 0 has yet to be found leads to only one possibility: Patient 0 never existed, since the virus is lab-made. So, the Seafood Market that CCP claimed to be the origin of the virus was just a smoke screen used to cover up the man-made biochemical weapon it released.

3. Human-to-Human Transmission – Silencing the Whistleblower!

In Dr. Ai Feng’s published diary (Ref. 4), she recorded seeing obvious examples of human-to-human transmission in a cluster of family members, as well as in her colleagues, who were infected from their patients. On the same day of seeing these results, she warned her colleague Dr. Li WenLiang. Then, it was Dr. Li who was the first to blow the whistle by sending a message to his colleagues and friends, which got him arrested. He was held in custody and questioned for over a week. He was only released after he was forced to sign a police document that stated that he had breached the law and had “seriously disrupted social order,” and he would never mention this again. Unfortunately, he contracted the disease and passed away 5 weeks later in early February at age 34.

On December 31, Taiwan also reported examples of human-to-human transmission to the WHO; however, the WHO never publicized the warning. On January 19, 2020, Dr. Limeng Yan, through Lude Live Broadcast platform, warned the world that there was clearly human-to-human transmission. Right after it, Dr Zhong Nanshan, who is equivalent to the US Dr. Fauci or director of the CDC and leading doctor in the fight of SARS in 2003, confirmed that there is human-to-human transmission on January 20th. Obviously, the CCP covered up the truth behind human-to-human transmission from Dr. Ai Feng back in the mid of December. With full knowledge of this outbreak, they still conducted their annual 2-day “Ten Thousand Potluck Festival” on January 17 and 18 as part of the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. Any public health worker would shake their heads at this.

4. Why do They Have to Cover Up the Outbreak – Phase I Trade Deal and World Economic Forum

On January 15, the PRC delegate group was signing the Phase 1 Trade Deal with Trump in Washington DC (Fig). In order for this to go smoothly, the day before on January 14, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a CCP’s lapdog placed in the WHO, remained firm in stating that there was still no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.

Another reason for the CCP to cover up the outbreak was so that the World Economic Forum, i.e., the Party of Davos, the forum spreading the ideology of globalization, could be held from January 21 to 24 in Switzerland.

On January 23, Wuhan City was already locked down.

5. Devil in action – global shortage of PPEs and international travels after Wuhan lockdown

On January 15, when Trump and Liu He, a Vice Premier of the CCP, were in the White House to sign the Phase I Trade Deal, the CCP issued an alert to all Chinese consulates to prepare for and respond to a pandemic. The CCP used its United Front Working Group to give orders through PRC’s global consulates and embassies to direct the overseas Chinese nationals to collect massive stocks of personal protective equipment throughout the world.

On January 23, when Wuhan announced the lockdown, no travel was allowed to other domestic cities; however, international travel remained open for four days until January 27. It is estimated that 4 million people had left Wuhan during those four days. In addition, prior to January 23, approximately 5 million people had already left Wuhan before the lockdown.

In summary, this is a planned attack by the CCP using a man-made, lab engineered virus to destroy the world. Since we have missed the chance to find Patient 0, the only solution is to find out the origin of the CCP virus from the CCP and to hopefully still have the chance to develop a solution for it. As Dr. Yan warned, the CCP must own variants of the virus. If we do not destroy this evil regime, even if humanity survives from COVID-19, there is still no guarantee that we will not have to face another new deadly virus from the CCP.



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