Why Do the New Federal State of China and Himalayan Farms Want to Decentralize

On a snowing day (Dec. 17), Mr. Miles Guo shared his childhood experience in his Getter video and that he knows the pain of living in country and family whose leaders don’t care about their own people. He emphasized that the New Federal State of China and Himalayan Farms will never allow any Himalayan Farm leader to centralize the power and treat brothers-in-arms as being inferior to the leader. The only thing that the leaders can be higher than other people should be their service, their conscience, and their selflessness.

Source: https://gtv.org/getter/5fdb85e593a06b22d9deea9e


With today’s snow falling, I have a lot of feelings. So I say this to the New Federal State of China and our farms, the Himalayan Farms; it’s only about one thing: whoever doing good to our brothers-in-arms will last long. BIAs are not anyone’s asset, and BIAs cannot be … by anyone. BIAs are only with the NFSC and the Himalayan Farms. All farms are for serving people. No one should use BIAs as a weapon or a resource to negotiate any terms with the Himalayan Farms or the NFSC. Absolutely not allowed.

Every BIA has the right to choose. I felt more than ever – when I was sitting here last night, in a video conference – I felt more than ever that I can’t let any BIA of the Himalaya Farms and the NFSC experience what I went through when I was little – centralization, that is why we want to decentralize. Second, it is absolutely not allowed to have dictatorship or monopoly by anyone. No one can decide the fate of BIAs; it must be a collective decision. No BIAs should succumb to anyone, or reluctantly listen to anyone, absolutely not! The interests of BIAs must be above anything else.

This is like my childhood experience, so the children and family’s life, safety, stability, and giving them protection with dignity must be the top priority. Just like the Japanese, you should give all the best stuff to our BIAs, and give the best benefits to our BIAs. No one can go against the BIAs because he or she is the owner of a farm, given that your IQ is not that high, nor your EQ or ability. Don’t think that it’s in your farm, so you are higher than anyone who joins your farm. You are not higher in anything, you should be someone providing services. The only thing that you can be higher than other people should be your service, your conscience, and your selflessness. No excuses or negotiations for any reasons or with any packaging will be acceptable.

The Witshleblower Movement or the NFSC, to this day, has never had any fear of any force, or any event, or any challenge. There is only one [goal]: making the NFSC a quasi-national force, making the Himalayan Farms a place connecting BIAs, helping BIAs, centering around BIAs. There should be no leaders, you only lead but don’t direct. You should be the one who sacrifices first, you can’t be the one who direct. Well, brothers and sisters, everything is just beginning! Thank you! Time is up.

Transcript:【Embracer牙牙】【小螺号】【彩虹桥】Translator:【Isaiah4031】Subtitle:【Pamila(文明)】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】

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