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How the US SEC promotes the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for the specific operations of the POA Accounting Supervision Committee of Listed Companies. Under the supervision of the Congress, the Department of Finance and other departments, various professional committees propose operating rules, review them one by one, and finally decide whether they meet the listing requirements. Every step is within the legal framework, using democratic mechanisms to ensure everyone’s freedom, human rights, and equality for everyone.

The CCP’s centralized and rogue government has thoroughly studied the characteristics of the slow response of the U.S. legal system, relying on the penetration of key posts to always suppress the U.S. taking the lead. However, after the emergence of the Whistleblower Movement, this became the starting point for collecting its criminal evidence and finally became the winner of the righteous force.

Hunter Biden under investigation, Joe Biden has no legitimacy as president

Senator Cotton said in an interview with FOX that if Hunter Biden is investigated by the special prosecutor, Joe Biden, who has conflicts of interest, cannot legally succeed as president because the latter can replace important administrative officials including the attorney general. At this time,  Kamala Harris ,the true agent of the CCP and the Democratic Party, can succeed him in accordance with the law. But the Whistleblower Movement will definitely not let the CCP’s conspiracy succeed.

Mainstream media speculates that Kushner misappropriated Trump campaign funds and intends to investigate it

If Kushner is investigated, President Trump will also be unable to take office legally because of conflicts of interest. The opponent’s move completely broke President Trump’s idea of ​​winning the election through legal procedures on January 6.

General Flynn on FOX: The CCP is a direct threat to the national security of the United States

We are in an information war. The CCP is no longer our equal competitor, but a direct threat to our national security. Countries like China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are our hostile forces. They try to dominate our country with their ideology. We can no longer deceive ourselves. They stole almost everything from our country, and then used our information and technology to attack us in trade, diplomacy, and military fields. This is very, very dangerous.

State Grid suddenly announced that HUNAN ELECTRIC POWER had entered a “wartime state.”

It means that after a day, it will change from “orderly power supply” to basically no electricity, and the power to allocate electricity will be transferred from the government to the military. The evil CCP is quickly testing the people’s tolerance limit and preparing for full control.

U.S. closes its Consulate in Vladivostok

The US Ambassador to Russia told the media on the 19th that the decision to close this Consulate General and suspend that in Yekaterinburg was to ensure the safety of the US diplomatic mission in Russia and has nothing to do with the epidemic.

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