Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2020.12.18 – NewYork Time

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Delisting! President Trump formally signed the “Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act”

Foreign companies that are required to be listed on the exchange must prove that they are not controlled by the government and must be audited by American standards for three consecutive years like American companies, otherwise they will be delisted. According to this standard, all Chinese companies face the fate of collective delisting. The close-to-community ecosystem on Wall Street is disappearing, and the eradication of the community is coming.

Speed up decoupling! The Ministry of Commerce announced the institutions and individuals newly added to the list of entities

It includes 25 companies and research institutes such as SMIC, DJI, China Communications Construction, China Shipbuilding Corporation, Han’s Laser, and universities such as Tianjin University, Beijing Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanjing Science and Technology, Nanjing Aerospace and Aviation and Zhou Chong personal. The Bank for International Settlements also included more than 60 entities involved in the militarization of the South China Sea and human rights violations on its sanctions list. These entities will not be able to settle international trade

Decommunization! The U.S. Department of Energy bans the import of critical power equipment from China

The order of the Department of Energy stated that from the 16th of next month, public security units responsible for the supply of critical defense facilities are prohibited from purchasing power system equipment imported from the CCP. The purpose is to reduce the threats and risks China poses to the United States. The decommunization of various departments in the United States is deepening

The U.S. Secretary of Defense ordered the suspension of the transfer of the Biden transition team

It was released by the media soon after the order was issued, but the Ministry of National Defense was well prepared and immediately responded because the handover work was postponed until after the New Year due to the Christmas holiday and schedule. The changes in the news indicate that Trump still controls the Department of Defense, but the two sides are still in the seesaw, and the big action is likely to happen before January.

Satellite Wi-Fi! Russia launched the Soyuz-2.1b rocket and successfully sent 36 satellites into space

The One-Web satellite operator to which this batch of satellites belongs went bankrupt after launching 34 satellites each in February and March. This launch was launched again with funding from the British government, and its goal is to finally launch 648 satellites to provide global satellite Wi-Fi service in 2022.

Three congressmen challenge the Swing State Electoral College to vote, are they fishing or stalking?

If they really stand up on January 6 to challenge the electoral college vote and defend the Constitution, it means that Congress must elect the president for each state, one vote. But is this the opponent’s trick or the Trump team’s phishing strategy? The answer will only be revealed on January 6.

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