A Failed Public Relations Campaign by the CCP

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Artists impression of the proposed new Chinese Embassy at the site of the former Royal Mint in London. China wants to use the former Royal Mint, which sits opposite the Tower of London, as its new embassy – making it the Communist country’s largest in Europe

China’s plans for the colossal embassy on site of former Royal Mint opposite Tower of London ‘could unearth bodies of thousands of Black Death victims’



News:Pictured: Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the UK. The Chinese government bought the site for £250million in 2018 and wants to renovate it to create a ‘welcoming public face for China’ which has faced considerable criticism for its record on human rights in Hong Kong

• The People’s Republic of China wants to use the former Royal Mint, which sits opposite the Tower of London, as its new embassy – making it the Communist country’s largest in Europe.

• The Chinese government bought the Royal Mint site for £250million in 2018. It wants to reno-vate it to create a ‘welcoming public face for China.’

• Former Royal Mint was built in 1809, sits on an old Cistercian abbey called St Mary Graces. It has a cemetery filled with the mass graves of people who died during the Black Death. The Black Death killed up to 200 million people worldwide and killed 30 percent to 50 percent of London-ers after arriving around June 1348.

• A survey and investigation are undertaken to see if any of the proposed developments impede on the excavated burial sites. If so, steps should be taken to remove remains with care and dignity.’

• China’s ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, has written to the mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs to say he believes councilors are “attempting to disrupt” the new embassy.

• Governors ask the council to publicly raise its opposition of Muslim prisoners and Security Law in Hong Kong with the UK and Chinese Governments.

The Royal Mint moved from the Tower of London to new premises on Tower Hill designed in the neo-classical style by Sir Robert Smirke. The first coins were struck there in 1810. The Mint moved to South Wales in 1968


• This planned new Chinese embassy topic has caused considerable debate and public anger during the recent months. We can sense the British people’s opposition and furious of this matter from the Following kind of comments :

“ they want to ‘create a ‘welcoming public face for China.’ Just a shame that ‘reality’ rarely ever lives up to their ‘public face’……….”

“Say NO to them to set up a huge spy center in the heart of our capital. “

“This is the building from which this country will be run from in the future; the UK will be known as United Kingdom Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (UKSAR). Get used to it, it’s all part of the master plan.”

• Face Matter is a key ruling philosophy and culture in the CCP; But they fail to under-stand how to gain respect as a superpower is not to do with the size of your embassy.

• A series of CCP’s irresponsible and evil behaviors in 2020 has revealed themselves their ugly face to the world, from the suppression of the virus whistleblowers to the cover up the original source of the virus, the lie of the Covic-19 numbers to the world, the hoarding PPE strategy from the rest of world to access, their wolf warrior style diploma, the breach of agreement with the UK on HongKong SAR, the imple-ment of the HK Security Law, the threat of military action to Taiwan, the treatment of Uighur Muslins in Xinjiang, the illegal expansion in the South China Sea, the bully trading with Australia, the real agenda behind the One Belt One Road, the cyber hacking to steal the data, infiltration to the western countries in every corner, the stealing of technology and scientific research, the Huawei 5G ambition, the interfere in US election, etc. This long list has drawn an obvious picture of what kind of super-power CCP China to be in front of the world.

• Again, the £250 million expensive embassy land hasn’t won a bit of the British peo-ple’s welcome and respect for CCP’s China. Instead, it caused further damage on top of its already broken face.

• We look forward to the day of CCP’s ending, trust the new China will become a great nation and a welcoming nation on the international stage.

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