How Britain Will Counter China’s Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy

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An artist’s impression depicting foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian as a ‘wolf warrior’ action hero ILLUSTRATION: TONY BELL


• The most significant and lasting change brought about by Covid is that it has wok-en the West up to the threat posed by Communist China

• The fact that the Chinese Communist Party authorities covered up the outbreak’s initial severity did not surprise western governments. It was Beijing’s ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ as the virus raged around the globe that made them grasp the true na-ture of President Xi’s China

• The CCP’s behavior shows that if you develop a close economic relationship with China, it will be used to ‘bully you politically.’

• A new national security and investment bill, now going through parliament, is de-signed to stop Chinese firms from buying up British companies — and their intel-lectual property — in strategically important fields.

• As the host of next year’s G7, the UK has a vital role in this western pushback and intends to use the meeting to launch the D10, an alliance of democracies designed to counter China. Australia, South Korea, and India — all countries vital to any strategy to contain China — will be invited.


• The CCP’s Wolf Warriors have been roaring hoarsely for quite a long time. By now, no one is really scared of the way they are doing. Instead, the wolf warriors used undiplomatic language to shame themselves, shame on their diplomatic skill, and show Communist China’s diplomatic policy’s failure.

• As Harold Nicolson wrote after the 2nd World War, ‘key qualities of the diplomat are truthfulness, precision, calmness, and modesty”. So moderate strong words under certain diplomatic circumstances are needed, but the continuous shouting aggressively can make things worse, and most of the time, it backfires on Com-munist China themselves.

• The CCP’s Wolf-Warrior diplomacy hasn’t made any disputes resolved quickly or make them stand a higher position as they hoped; instead, it has pushed them-selves to become the enemies of the democratic countries.

• The G7 countries, soon be the D10, an alliance of democracies already formed, and they will counter China together on all the threat issues from China. So the Wolf Warrior diplomacy has isolated CCP China itself.

• Wolf-warrior diplomacy has also negatively imagined Chinese people worldwide because the CCP’s strategy is always to hostile the 1.4 billion Chinese people and present the Chinese in their diplomatic language.

• Miles Guo and his New Federal State of China movement followers have been working hard to tell the world CCP doesn’t represent Chinese people. Thanks to Miles Guo’s great wisdom, we are pleased to learn from many speeches made by democratic countries’ leaders; most of them have recognized this.

• CCP succeeds in using the virus to slow down the world economy, and CCP China itself, in the lead of economic recovery, has made them so confident to roar as wolves! As the end of the Communist party approaches, the voices of these wolves will become lower and lower.

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