Learn from USA: Civilization, Honor System, and Faith; Something Big Is to Happen in the Night!

In his 12/18/2020 GTV Getter video, Mr. Guo remarked, “This is greatness of the United States, the civilization of a society, the honor system of a society, and whether people have faith.” He said something big is to take place in the night and let brothers-in-arms get ready.


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My dear brothers-in-arms, today is Dec. 18. Dec. 18. Dec. 18! Still remember this sweatshirt? [Nike logo cut out; implies “decoupling”] Brothers and sisters, today is Dec. 18th, Dec. 18th finally. Today is going to be a big day! Absolutely a big day! Nothing big may come out from Lude’s show this morning. But just you wait till tonight, my BIAs, get ready, it is not for the faint-hearted… But again, my BIAs, don’t just imagine this as “Wow, the ultimate showdown is here! The U.S. is about to arrest some people!” And, “The U.S. is about to blow up the Zhongnan Pit!” Nothing like that at all! 

尊敬的战友们好阿!12月18号,12月18,12月18! 记得这个运动衫,还记得啊? 兄弟姐妹们, 今天是12月18号,12月18号啊。 今天是个大日子,绝对大日子。 今天早上路波切的访谈没啥可讲的, 但到今天晚上,战友们准备好小心脏吧。 战友们,别一说这话就以为, “哎呦,终极之战, 美国抓人了“, “然后中南坑给炸了!” 它不可能! 

This is just so typical for us Chinese to think like that! After decades of grooming, our force of habit has become so extreme: It is either – I love you so much that my love is burning up! or, I despise you so much that I wish for your death. Just like this dagger seen in the Northeast of China when I was little, with barbs on the edge, once thrust into your flesh, it’s designed to pull out flesh on its way out… It will pull out flesh when the blade gets pulled out… One could even twist once the dagger is thrust into the bone-deep level. Why cannot you come up with a powerful weapon, if you’re truly so advanced? Obviously, you cannot! 

就是我们中国人的思维啊, 这么多年,锻炼成什么都是极端的。 爱,我爱死你,我用爱烧死你。 恨,我恨死你。 中国那刀,匕首,那我小的时候在东北, 那刀后边还带倒刺儿的。 扎到你肉里边, 那个倒刺儿还得拔出来, 还能把你肉给剐(挂)出来, 扎进去还要在你骨头上转一转,就这。 你能整个大武器也行啊, 整不出来对不对阿。 

When it comes to attacking the rivals, the goals are never short of a total destruction. As put by the Security Dept. of CCDI (Central Comm’n for Discipline Inspection), “Gotta get him whacked! And, the entire family too!” I’ve learned quite a lot from Americans these past few days. What I’ve felt most deeply, the same way I’ve been feeling for years, but never have I felt it as immersed as now… Even at this juncture, the Americans are still abiding the law, looking to God. They don’t look to seek retribution. All still behave in a civil manner. No one utters a word like “I gotta get his entire family whacked!” No one utters a word like “I gotta bulldoze his territory into ruins!” Pres. Trump has numerous opportunities or weaponries (laws), had he wanted to do this. 

然后呢,就寻思,一弄, 把对方弄死。 中纪委安全部一说话, “搞死他,搞死他全家!” 这就是这些天来在美国学到的。 我最近感受最深的,也是这么多年,就是感受很深, 但是没像现在身临其境,身在其中。 就美国人到这个时候了,法律,上帝, 人家没有轮回报应, 但是人家讲个文明, 也没有听到一个说搞死他全家, 也没有一个说把他全部铲平。 川普总统有太多这样的法律、机会、武器他可以做了。 

A BIA from mainland told me about the Zhongnan Pit meetings: “Our number 1 leader has been doing great – leading us to one advancement after another. The world leaders have been sending greetings to him daily, yet another favorable condition! Placing him as the first in speaking order for conferences. Previously it was by the alphabetic order, and his name is spelled in Pinyin. Now, the rule has been changed to putting him as the very first! All world leaders have agreed to. And No. 1 is enthused over this. Fed by upbeat news daily, No. 1 is rather pleased, sitting cross-legged, playing with his toes… 

我听昨天晚上国内战友跟我说,国内中南坑开会说, 大领导现在行动对我们 如何有利,如何有利。 说每天大领导都是听全世界向他请安, 如何有利, 开会把他(发言顺序)排第一阿。 过去都是按你名字的, 就是拼音的英文字母的排序来发言, 现在改成了以中国领导第一个发言。 (其他国家)都答应了,(大领导)很高兴, 每天都听着好消息,翘着腿儿, 扣着脚趾头。 

He remarked, “Trump is in a downward spiral… Trump is done. He is breathing his last breath. We won’t let him have this Christmas. He won’t be able to make it to this Christmas…” All the underlings were amazed – “Wow, our No. 1 still has a brilliant move yet to be unleashed!” So exactly what was he implying? The CCP has been aiming for a total destruction of the U.S., and Pres. Trump. The more ferociously, the better! In a meeting two days ago, he ordered, “Please inform those ‘friendly agents’ of ours, by all means, get Trump incarcerated, or take him out before he leaves office.” What does this Chinese way of thinking tell you? 

然后说美国川普怎么怎么不行了, 说:“他完了, 垂死挣扎。 不会让他过这个圣诞节的, 他过不了圣诞节“。 下边人一听愣了: “大领导还有妙招阿!” 大领导什么意思? 中共想弄死美国,弄死川普, 是怎么狠,怎么弄。 两天前开会说, 告诉咱们的那些哥们儿, 一定要川普进监狱, 或者让他死在就职前。 你看我们中国人思维,发现了么? 

Did you see what happened in the last few days? Brother Seven’s heart aches… Some of the BIAs, even after following the WM for 3 yrs, still fail to capture the very essence of the WM. Still have not understood whom you should follow. Still have not understood the reason why you should follow the WM. Have you realized that?! Once taking a different stance, one could start to fabricate things out of thin air, act brutally to other BIAs to an extreme, and turn completely hostile. Many would say Americans may turn hostile once switching sides. but at least Americans tell you up front. But we Chinese would do it eerily and covertly, a smile with a hidden blade, a stab in the back, with no legal consequences bearing in mind at all! 

看到了么最近这几天发生的事情了么, 七哥心有点儿疼。 爆料革命有跟了三年的人, 跟了三年的人没闹清楚为什么跟爆料革命, 没闹清楚跟谁, 没闹清楚你到底为什么跟爆料革命。 发现了么? 啥事儿都没有, 凭空捏造事情, 而且对战友狠到了极点,翻脸不认人呐。中国人这个翻脸, 有很多人说美国人翻脸不认人, 美国人翻脸跟你说实话, 中国人翻脸跟你阴阳怪气, 笑里藏刀,背后插刀子, 一点儿责任法律意识没有。 

This is what I’ve observed from the Americans past few days. Those Americans have class. Even the frauds are “right in front of your very eyes”, in order to get them confirmed and acknowledged by all parties. they still have to follow the legal process, only then those could be certified as “frauds”. One doesn’t get to certify a “fraud” simply by calling out on a fraud. 

这是这些天我在美国人(这儿)看到的。 人家美国人是真有修养。 造假,即使假就在眼前, 也得经过大家的共同认识和确认后, 还有经过法律程序, (才认定)这是假。 这不是你抓住一个手[把柄]了,你就说假,就是假。 

Even when the Justice is corrupt to such an extent, you are still not allowed to arrest him. Pres. Trump’s tweet was no joke at all. He put it very civilized, very down-to-earth, truly a reflection of his character. The Chief Justice has let down American people big time. Everyone pains as America pains. Anyone who understands Pres. Trump and the American culture, the so-called “upper-class culture” deemed by Chinese, will realize those words are from the bottom of his heart. 

那法官都到那个程度了, 你也不能抓他。 川普总统发的推那不是开玩笑, 他说的很文明,很实在, 就是他本人。 大法官让美国人失望, 这个国家让人家心疼。 但凡了解川普总统本人的和美国真正的文化的, 所谓中国人认为的上层文化, 你就会明白他说的是心里话。 

It pains him so much, just as how it pains Brother Seven [Miles] in the heart for the past 2 days. Arduousness, I don’t mind. Challenges in taking down the CCP, I am undaunted. But it is heart-wrenching seeing how some BIAs behave… I feel my heart is bleeding. It is truly difficult to be a good person in this world. There is not much room for a good person to prevail. If feels like if you are not in it for money, nor for self-interests… If you never tell a lie, you never play tricks, you are almost as good as a loser. When you deal with Chinese in this way, you are practically asking to be toyed with! 

他真的心疼, 就像七哥这两天心疼一样。 我累我不怕, 灭共我不怕, 但是有些战友们做的事情让我心疼, 心真有流血的感觉。 真的是这个世界好人太难当了, 你容不得好人的。 你不要钱,不要利, 不说假话,不玩弄手段的时候, 几乎你就是个loser了。 面对中国人的时候, 基本上你就是个被玩弄的。 

Most of all, the one who hurts you actually thinks he/she is the one who gets harmed! Horrible! They never ask themselves if we have asked them for anything. Even they say they do the work voluntarily, but haven’t we given them something back? What we’ve given is not something that is visible, nor tangible, nor like a soft that one’d sit on. Sure, it is always someone else’s fault. Always someone else’s fault. Neve once fault of your own. So what happened recently may just be a blessing in disguise. 

关键是, 伤害你的人,ta还以为自己很受伤, 这是很可怕的。 从来不问过,我们要过你什么? 什么都是你自愿的, 我们给了你什么? 我们给你的事情是空气中看不见,手中抓不见, 沙发上做不了,对吧? 就永远都是别人的错,永远是别人的错, 自己没错。 所以说最近有些事情发生,是好事儿。 

Some folks are ganging up, acting like the CCP cadres in the Zhongnan Pit, every day. “You are wanted on the phone by Japan – inviting you to speak at the Sino-Japan Economic Forum. The Sino-Japan Poverty Alleviation conference wants you too.” “I must be treated as the Number One.” Japan agreed, “OK, I will let you have your No. 1 spot; I am breaking the rules just for you” Once he heard Japan’s perception of China has declined. “Look into it immediately” so he ordered. “How the heck Japan’s perception of us is on the decline?!” But how can it not be that way?! With this virus, and you CCP dictatorship running rampant… Sadly, none of these he is aware of. Why not? The underlings in his circle all have been fooling him, telling him nothing but lies. 

有人拉帮结伙, 天天就像我刚才说的中共中南海一样, “日本要通电话, 要叫你中日经济论坛什么讲话, 还有中日什么扶贫会讲话, 我必须排第一。 人家日本就说,好,让你排第一, 打破规则。 听说日本对中国的观感度下降, “哎,给我查查, 怎么日本观感对我下降了,是吧?” 那能对你观感不下降么! 这病毒还你这个中共独裁, 就这他都不知道。 为什么? 下面一帮人忽悠他, 全是假话。 

China’s electricity shortages have heightened. But none has told him the high-voltage power grid is fraught with frauds. and that the depletion and loss of electricity is a big issue. All are serious consequences of corruption and poor-quality. Especially after the temperature drops to sub-zero, the quality issues are intensifying. However, he was told, “All because our economy is doing great. Hence not enough electricity to go around now. Our economy’s been propelled ahead by a whopping 800 bn. dollars!” On the surface, wow! “Look at us, we are the one and only economy that is thriving still!” The poor homeless people on the streets are invisible to him, as he is surrounded by a bunch of bastar*s, showering him with bouquets and applause. 

这电的事情发生了, 没人告诉他,高压电网造假, 电的衰竭和丢失,丢电的现象, 都是过去的腐败和质量造成的严重结果。 然后气候变化,变成零度以后, 质量的问题骤显。 结果告诉他说: “这是咱经济好阿, 现在到处电不够用阿, 咱这几个月涨了8000亿(800 billion)美元阿。 我噻一听,哎呀, 你看咱这,全世界就咱一家独好。 他看不到流落街头的穷人, 因为他身边一堆王八蛋的小人 在捧他,在夸他。 

Some folks from our WM are the same – wretches who just keep flattering… A bunch of bootlicker. Let’s see who’ll end up being the most pathetic? As told by China’s history, most royal members or nobles all died at the hands of their illegitimate children and eunuchs. A bunch of wretches and gangsters in the guise of justice. But what gets our hearts pumping is, when we are fighting side by side with the U.S., the Americans are nothing like this. Among the highest level of the U.S., it’s rare to see such villains – there is simply no breeding ground for them. 

我们爆料革命当中有些人也是这样的,一堆人, 小人在夸,小人在把ta棒ta。 你看看最后谁会最惨, 中国人历史上 所有的皇亲贵族都是 死在了私生子女和一帮太监, 一帮小人和流氓假正义的人身上。 我们感到兴奋的事情, 这是跟美国并肩作战的时候看到, 美国不是这样子的。 任何一个人,你要接触到美国最高层, 你会看到,你这种小人,几乎没有生存的机会。 

Traitors are quite common, though. Whenever I see someone betrays Pres. Trump, it is such a non-event for me. It is just too trivial. At the very least, those were upfront betrayals, somewhat with a cause. But for us Chinese, it gets deployed covertly. Utterly dishonorable! 

叛徒很正常。 看到川普总统的被叛变的时候,我们这算个毛事儿阿, 我们这算个毛事儿阿, 我觉得太小事儿了。 人家那最起码是正大光明的叛变,还有点儿理由。 咱们这都是小动作, 都是小人。 

The United States really has so much for us to learn. The fact that the U.S has become such a powerful nation is inevitable. Hardly any villains will get a chance to spew out big lies at the highest level of the U.S. The No. 1 heard Japan’s perception about China is lowered – dipped by 5%. As a matter of fact, it dipped by 45%. They deliberately removed the 4 out of the “45” from the report. Even with this number the No. 1 is still upset, “Go find out why! Why the ratio has dipped by 5%!” Even the folks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tiger Yang (Jiechi) & Wang Yi have altered it from 45 to 5, still it is deemed unacceptable by him. How come? He has been fooled by a bunch of crooks surrounding him. 

但是美国这个国家让我们真的学习, 它国家这个强大是必然的。 没有多少小人,你可以说在这么高层面前瞪眼儿说瞎话, 说日本观感度低,达到5%, 事实上是45% 的观感度。 报告里把4拿掉了。 就这,大领导不高兴, “给我查,为什么降了5% 的观感度?” 这些外交部杨洁篪, 王毅把45改成了5, 他都接受不了, 为什么? 一堆骗子和小人围着他。 

Could the same hold true for Pres. Trump? Fat chance! This is the greatness of the United States, the civilization of a society, the honor system of a society, and whether people have faith. Cannot be achieved by just empty talk! When you have been troubled, you pray for God. But when you are the cause of the troubles for others, all of sudden, you’d become [infallible] God. In that case, you’d only be as worthless as air; no way you’d be the lamb of God as you claim to be. So today, today, today, BIAs, 

恰恰美国川普总统这儿,可能么? 这就是伟大。 一个社会的文明,一个社会的诚实度, 和有没有信仰。 不是挂在嘴上的, 自己有麻烦,说上帝。 一给别人制造麻烦, 你成上帝了。 你就是上帝的屁, 你根本不是上帝的羊。 那么今天,今天,今天战友们 

just you wait and see what’s gonna happen. Be sure to eat and drink well, and wait for the bombshell event later today. But Rome wasn’t built in a day! Don’t expect one can burgeon into a giant and conquer the world instantly! That’d be impossible. Brothers and sisters, be realistic about everything, don’t turn yourself into a fantasizer. Action! Action! Action! We cannot take down the CCP without you pitching in! My dear brothers-in-arms! Everything has already begun! 

你们看着,会发生啥事儿。 千万吃好喝好, 等着今天的大事儿发生吧。 但别老想着一口吃个胖子, 一脚能踢遍天下,变成巨人, 是不可能的。 兄弟姐妹们,什么事儿都要现实, 不要把自己变成幻想者。 行动!行动!行动! 灭共,没你不行! 亲爱的战友们! 一切都是刚刚开始。

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