Thousands of protesters in Taiwan rally support Trump and take down the CCP

A protest organized by the Epoch Times in Taiwan, was held in front of Xinyi Square next to the Taipei 101 Building at 19 December, 1 pm. The theme of this rally was supporting President Trump and taking down the CCP. 

Following the U.S. election fraud occurred, the US mainstream media has been pushing fake news and misinformation, many of which were reproduced by the major media outlets in Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen was the first to congratulate Biden on his declared victory in the presidential election, and said she was looking forward to working together with the Biden administration. 

This is also coupled with the US arms sales to Taiwan and the provocations of the CCP on the other side of the Taiwan Strait in recent years. 

Anxious pro-Trump activists have taken to Facebook to voice their support for President Trump. Two weeks ago, an online pro-Trump rally was held to spread messages of anti-fraud and anti- Chinese Communist Party, and to fight for truth and justice. Despite various fake news on the Internet that the protest was cancelled, today, the silent voices were silent no longer. The voice of these anxious netizens is clear: they showed the Taiwanese people that they want truth and they support President Trump.

Original breaking news : Yumi

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