Taking down the CCP is a need for justice



Revisor :Xiaobuding

At the end of summer of 1920, the ‘communist ghost’ landed silently on the Chinese territory, encouraging proletariat to over throw the Rule of bourgeoisie and establish their own autocracy.

On October first, 1949, the Chinese Communiste Party stole the political power in an evil way with the support of the former Soviet Union. The Nationalist Party was forced to withdraw to Taiwan. The catastrophe of Chinese people has began at that moment.

On October 1950, in order to consolidate the dictatorship, Mao Zedong, the chairman of CCP, provoked the Korean War which has split North Korea ever since. The purpose of Mao was to send his distrustful Nationalist Army to Korea and have them die, without enough weapon and food. After the war, about 600,000 people were killed or missing, and 716,000 were injured, a total of 1,316 million people.

In 1951, CCP launched the ‘Three-anti and Five-anti Campaigns’, and declared shamelessly the establishment of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In 1957,they launched another campaignnamed‘Anti-Rightist’ to change people’s thought and a large number of intellectual swith advanced minds have been persecuted; in 1958, CCP launched the‘Great Leap Forward’ advocating ‘going beyond British and U.S’, which caused a national economic recession and starvation. The actual number of deaths was about 96,000,000.On February 3, 1966, Mao launched the horrendous‘Cultural Revolution’ in order tomaintain his dictatorship. About 100 million people died during this 10-year political war.

In the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, CCP used tanks and machine guns to kill Chinese young students, killing more than 10,000 people, the persecution of Falun Gong makes an incalculable death number from 1999 until now. In Xinjiang, CCP detained up to 3,000,000 Uighur people; it also carried out brutal suppression of Tibetan compatriots, the movement ‘Singingre volutionary songs and Crime crack down’ made another unaccountable number of deaths.

In the massacre in Hongkong since 2019, tens of thousands people died and thousand were missing.

In January 2020, CCP launched the Covid-19 virus in the entire world, which has caused more than 70,000,000 people infected and 1,600,000 deaths so far. The number of new cases and deaths is still increasing rapidly, nobody knows when it will stop.

Part of the numbers above comes from Wikipedia, others were collected by our friends. We are in distress and anger to present these statistic, but these are only part of the crimes committed by the CCP.

The only thing I can think of now is to thank the New Federal State of China and the Whistle-Blower Movement. Im grateful to people, our dear friends who lost their lives for taking down the CCP. Thanks to the power of justice and to Miles Guo.

On picture:

CCP is a terroristorganization.

It isnecessary to take down the CCP for the justice

Former sports stars call for people to take down the CCP and to build the New Federal State of China.

CCP uses Covid to launchbiologicalattack in the entire world, whichseriouslythreatenshuman’shealth and life. This isextremelyevil and unforgivable.

CCP caused blood shed in Hong kong, killed Tibetans, exported corruption and endangered the world!

Former national badminton team player:YeZhaoying

Former famous national football team player: HaoHaidong

June 4, 2020, Mr. Hao Hai dong presented the « Statement of New Federal State of China »: It is necessary to take down the CCP for the justice… this is the voice of people from New Federal State of China

This article represents only personal opinion.

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