Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2020.12.18 – NewYork Time

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Trump Administration Launched a Heavy Blow on CCP, by Sanctioning 80 More CCP Firms

Trump administration will add 80 CCP companies, which are tied to South China Sea Militarization and violations of human rights, to the Treasury’s SDN list, including SMIC and 3 other firms that have been sanctioned by Defence Department before.

US Congratulates Venezuela on Successful “People’s referendum” hinting at Maduro is over

US Embassy in Beijing tweets the quotes from Secretary Pompeo, that “We congratulate the Venezuelan people on the success of the Consulta Popular or ‘People’s Referendum.’” ” In every city and small town in Venezuela, as well as hundreds of sites serving the Venezuelan diaspora abroad, the Consulta Popular clearly demonstrated the will of the Venezuelan people. ” Every move goes on as planned. though the media is silent on them. CCP-controlled Maduro regime is doomed.

US ADM Condemned Communist China’s Refusal to Attend MMCA

He said it “is another example that (Communist) China does not honor its agreements, and this should serve as a reminder to all nations as they pursue agreements with (Communist) China going forward.” Today US Embassy in Beijing   twitter account retweeted it in Chinese, aiming at telling Chinese people that it’s Chinese Communist Party that violates the agreement for the purpose of framing America.

Abrupt Power Limits in South Communist China

CCP requires people to utilize the electricity “in order”, weaponizing “electricity” to control the Chinese. In CCP’s language, the so-called “order” is another term for its “control” on people’s daily life. When CCP requires order, people lose freedom. It’s assuming that the Communist Party will proposes other ridiculous requirements to test people’s limits, such as dinning in order, utilizing water in order, traveling in order, and housing in order, etc.

The Terrifying Conspiracy of CCP’s Electricity Shortage

1.About 70 percent of CCP’s electricity comes from coal. The electricity shortage was caused by the decreased imports of coal and the shutdown of power units, as the result of the decrease of foreign exchange and the sanction against CCP‘s companies.

2.Increase the programs of war preparation likes centrifugal machine with high energy consumption.

3.In response to NATO operations and to test the limits of the patience of people in advance.

4.To further centralise the authority by controlling the basic resources.

5. To control people’s lives and deprive them of their basic rights by the guise of saving energy and reducing emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement.

How Horrible that Biden Appoints Kerry as Climate Envoy

Kerry twittered that US government will soon see the climate crisis as a national security threat. Biden is eager to control the American people by Xi Jinping’s methods of saving energy and reducing emissions.

Biden’s Cabinet Members are Colleagues Working for a Same Company, West Array Consulting

All the staffs of this public relations corporation are from Obama’s team, they gathered here and waited to stage a comeback after Hillary lost the election. This company declared its strong interpersonal network can go deep into the Zhongnanhai, White House and Eisenhower Building, prevent the trade tensions between China and the US, and expand the market access to China.

The Democratic Party Weakens the Cyber-attack of CCP and Shift the Focus to Russia

A Democratic senator from Illinois said that the intrusion of Russian-backed agencies and companies into the US networks is a declaration of war against the United States. Biden said, as the President, he will not sit watching when the nation’s networks are attacked. The intention of the Democratic Party that to divert attention and weaken the cyber-attack of CCP is completely exposed.

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