Need to Handle Situations from a Higher Strategic Point and in Objective Ways

Mr. Miles Guo shared his own experiences with his brothers and sisters in arms (BIAs) during his GTV live broadcast on December 11, 2020. He said, “look at the situation objectively, and from a higher strategic point… do not make enemies easily… don’t give up too early, and don’t be too short-sighted. Once you bit the bullet and go through this hardship, a new world is waiting for you on the other side.”

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I said I don’t give a damn  about this money, as well as your pathetic bank, such as DBS Bank, how much do you worth? Say you lost your business, how much could you have lost? You might just lose $10 billion  before getting bankrupt. That foundation people got so mad, and blamed me, saying: “It’s all because you are anti-CCP, you want to take down the CCP, now they freeze  all our assets!” 

At first, I said I understood your frustration, and I reiterated many times. Till one time, during the meeting I told him, I said “you need to remember one thing, I anti-CCP, and I try to take down the CCP,  this is my personal decision. In any country,  when I anti that government, or want to take down the regime, it should be my own right, and should not have anything to do with this foundation. So this is the CCP’s mistake, it’s not me who made a mistake, why are you blaming me? You should blame everything on the CCP. If you have guts and could put  yourself together till that day when you could demand your loss from the CCP’s bank, and I guarantee you would make more money than what you could make by running your business. 

Okay, recently he said, “All you had said have come true! Those banks had come to us in private and said could we return all the assets back to you, we could even return three-time of your loss.” Three-time of the loss, what does that mean? It means 33% profit return for one of the three years of  the Whistleblow Movement, and it’s net profit, what were you talking about, right? That’s why it is like a trial experience for that person, if one turned against another at the time, it would not have such an ending, right? In fact, it is rather easy for someone to  turn around and against the other. It is rather easy to break with someone.

The Chinese like to talk like there is no tomorrow, like, “I hate you to death, or you are such a liar and I’ll kill you!” They like to make such statements as if the tougher the better as if they wish to really  break the other’s heart. For instance, when a couple is quarreling, they like to say, “How did I end up marrying you? I will not marry you even in my next life, and I want a divorce! You are the worst woman or man I’ve ever seen.” Just like that, broke up, it’s over,  and no room for compromise. So don’t talk like there is no tomorrow, don’t give up too early, and don’t be too short-sighted. Once you bit the bullet and go through this hardship, a new world is waiting for you on the other side.

What I’m telling you is my personal experience, I’m not trying to lecture you. I hate lecturing to people. I’m merely sharing my personal experience with my brothers and sisters. And I am qualified to say this because they were my personal experience. I’m not like those who could talk about everything from Tang Dynasty to Mayan Civilization, and even to the moon because anyways you cannot meet Emperor Qin anymore and you cannot go to the moon. But what I said is my personal experience, and they are all real.

There are even filed lawsuits, which you could go and check. Take UBS for example, I sued them for $500 million, which might lead to billions  of dollars of loss, and we will fight till the end, same as our lawsuit against AMAC who robbed our big plane. Mark my word, I will bankrupt AMAC. I have a bunch of  information about them trading arms with Syrians and with the CCP, trading stolen technologies related  to arms and modifying airplanes. They will have to pay for all these wrong endeavors. We will take our vengeance. 

However, my brothers and sisters, do not make enemies easily. Take the Foundation people that I had business with, if someone had said something  that is un-retrievable, we would have turned against each other, right? That would have been the end of it, right? But now, they are very grateful. If I call, and said, I need some money  and may I borrow $100 million? Wouldn’t he be so happy to send the money to us? And even if I want to borrow $1 billion, he might hesitate a bit, but  would still lend the money to us. Cause if you don’t lend me the $1 billion, would you still want that  tens of billions? And would you feel comfortable to take that tens of billions of dollars without  doing me a favor, right?

That’s why, brothers and sisters, you need to look at the situation objectively, and from a higher  strategic point. For instance, today we did not hear the verdict from the Supreme Court for President Trump’s victory. Who could not sleep tonight? It’s not us, it’s President Trump who could not sleep. It’s the 75 million Trump supporters who could not sleep. What are you anxious about? Why are you smashing all the cups and bowls, and why are you so discouraged? It has nothing to do with us when a  mule cannot get pregnant, right? You don’t need to feel anxious. If that is not a mule, it will get pregnant eventually, you don’t have to worry

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3 months ago

Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Dec. 18