There are a large number of CCP members lurking among the giants of the Western pharmaceutical industry

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According to a recent report on the website of National File, earlier this year, a list of two million CCP numbers has been leaked to the international media in the UK, Australia, Belgium and Sweden.The names of thousands of Chinese Communist Party members who live and work in Western countries are clearly visible in the list. The companies they work for include the British government, top western military industries, financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

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The British « The Daily Mail » approved that a report with a “detailed analysis” revealed, two pharmaceutical giant companies involved in the development of the CCP virus vaccine—Pfrizer and AstraZeneca—hired 123 diehard members of the CCP. are currently involved in the development of CCP virus vaccine.

« The Daily Mail » indicates, ‘this is not only a threat to images of companies involved and national morality, but specially a threat to national security.’ The involved companies include Boeing, Airbus, Thales and Rolls-Royce and many other top companies in military industries. These companies that design and manufacture the most advanced weapons should have been responsible for safeguarding the secrets of Britain’s most sensitive assets and related facilities. However, they have employed hundreds of diehard CCP members. In addition to Pfrizer and AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline employs many CCP members. As a result, a large number of CCP members were able to access the network systems of such important enterprises and steal information of design materials and supply chain.

National File revealed that Joe Biden, who was accused of using  his son Hunter Biden to get benefit from the CCP, expressed strong support for FDA who approved the Pfrizer’s vaccine, and metaphored it as ‘a light who breaks the endless dark’. In addition, Biden also met with the heads of several major vaccine manufacturers, including the representers from Pfrizer and AstraZeneca.

Shortly before, the National File reported that John Ratcliffe, the US Director of National Intelligence, accused CCP of using bribery and blackmail, to coerce US congressmen into approving policies beneficial to the CCP. In addition,a newly disclosed memorandum indicated that Kamala Harris is also involved in the crime between the Biden family and the CCP. This memo listed that Harris as the key point of contact for ‘first stage domestic contact/project’ with the Bidens.


This list of overseas Chinese Communist Party members was exposed as early as August this year. In the following four months, the IPAC (Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China) conducted a thorough investigation of this list, and straightened out the infiltration of CCP into crucial areas of the Western world. For Western politicians and entrepreneurs who have a ambiguous relationship with the CCP, they could not resist the temptation of the CCP’s BGY Plan. And now even they have seen how the CCP has subverted the free world they live in.According to a revelation from Lude Media on 10th December, the United States is about to define the CCP as an “international criminal organization”, which means all the CCP members on this list will be members of criminal organizations. Now that this list has been “hyped” by the media again, it means the U.S’s sanction against the CCP have reached the countdown stage.Whether it is the Western elites who have enjoyed the CCP’s BGY plan or a chess piece manipulated by the CCP, they should think about their future at this time. Whether to eliminate the CCP, or to live the rest of his life like a Nazi war criminal in the fear of being hunted by the world, the answer is self-evident.


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