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The Committee of 100, like the Party of Davos, is another wolf in sheep’s clothing that has been used by the CCP to infiltrate the US for almost 30 years. It was founded by Henry Kissinger and shockingly, late I. M. Pei, a renowned architect. The purpose of the organization is to spread CCP’s ideology using globalization. Sponsored by the CCP, many famous, influential politicians serve as keynote speakers for its annual events. As more and more people become woke to their dark dealings, justice will soon prevail and drain the Swamp.

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The Committee of 100 (C100)—Another “Party of Davos”

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The Committee of 100 was initiated by the renowned architect, the late I. M. Pei and Dr. Henry Kissinger, the 56th Secretary of State of the United States, in 1988. The purpose of the Committee is to provide leadership and play a constructive role in two aspects: (1) promote the full participation of all Chinese Americans in American society by providing public policy resources for the Chinese American community; and (2) promote constructive dialogues and relationships between the people and leaders of the United States and Greater China.

The C100 Annual Conference is its largest member gathering of the year, attended by more than 500 influential people in government, business, academia, entertainment and the media.

Past distinguished speakers at the C100 Annual Conference include:

  • Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City;
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter;
  • The Honorable Elaine Chao, 24th U.S. Secretary of Labor;
  • Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts;
  • Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S.;
  • Ari Emanuel, Co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor/IMG;
  • The Honorable Henry Kissinger, 56th U.S. Secretary of State;
  • Ang Lee, Oscar-winning filmmaker;
  • Ruigang Li, Chinese media mogul and Chairman of China Media Capital;
  • Michael Milken, Chairman & Founder of Milken Institute;
  • Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway;
  • The Honorable Henry A. Paulson, 74th U.S. Secretary of Treasury;
  • Congressman Ed Royce, Chair of House Committee on Foreign Affairs;
  • Ambassador Stapleton Roy, former U.S. Ambassador to China;
  • Stephen A. Schwarzman, Philanthropist & Chairman of Blackstone Group.
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Clockwise from top left: in 1988, I.M. Pei, Henry Tang & Henry Kissinger discussed the founding of C100; in 1994, C100’s first delegation to China met with President Jiang Zemin; in April 2006, C100 Chairman John Fugh met Presidents George W. Bush and Hu Jintao at the White House; in September 2015, C100 Chairman Herman Li met President Xi Jinping in Seattle; in Oct. 2015, C100 leaders met with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to discuss Chinese philanthropy; in April 2015, at the 25th Anniversary Celebration hosts Ambassador Cui Tiankai and Dr. Henry Kissinger with C100 leaders.

The Committee of 100 hosts conferences together with the Chinese Communist Party and has been praised by Xi Jinping. The Committee boasts of “private briefings” held with U.S. government officials. American politicians, including Biden’s nominated cabinet ministers and advisers, are invited to attend conferences.

Xi Jinping, the current leader of the Chinese Communist Party, praised the Committee’s efforts in 2015 and said that the Committee and other members of the pro-China lobby were “friendly” to the Chinese Communist Party and deserved his “heartfelt gratitude”. On September 22, 2015, Xi Jinping attended a welcoming banquet, jointly hosted by the local government of Washington State and American friendship groups in Seattle, and delivered a speech.

“As the old Chinese proverb goes, the fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it.

The vigorous development of Sino-American relations is the result of the hard work and loving care of the governments, local authorities, friendly groups and people from all walks of life in both countries. In particular, the National Committee on US-China Relations, the US-China Business Council, the US-China Policy Foundation, the US Chamber of Commerce, the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA, the Committee of 100, the Brookings Institution, and many other friendship groups and individuals have made unremitting efforts over the years to come this far in promoting the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries. I would like to express my heartfelt respect and sincere gratitude to all the local governments, social groups, universities, think tanks and people from all walks of life who are committed to the cause of Sino-American friendship!”

Judy Chu, who was photographed on several occasions with a recently-exposed CCP intelligence agent, spoke at the conference along with Adam Schiff.

At another event in 2019, Joe Biden’s adviser Lawrence Summers gave the opening keynote speech with Max Baucus. Baucus was the U.S. Ambassador to China in the Obama era and a close friend of Biden. Bank of China, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, also served as a sponsor for the event.

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On the right: in 2019, Max Baucus pictured.

Other organizations that participated in the conference included official Chinese media such as CCTV America, Xinhua News Agency, and People’s Daily, as well as the Obama Administration’s Department of Commerce and Alibaba.

Republicans such as Cory Gardner and Mark Kirk also supported the event.

Similar sponsors and official branches of the Chinese government were included at the 2015 conference, such as the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s government. Another sponsor was Wanxiang, a China-based company with a long record of corruption that regularly adds well-connected individuals to its address book.

We have observed that the Chinese Communist Party’s collusion with the Deep State takes place in the form of forums or associations. The Committee of 100, for example, shows us how the CCP has been working with the Deep State for decades, and has influenced and infiltrated all levels of American civil and official affairs through help from the Deep State. Using globalization as a backdrop, this is another kind of “Party of Davos”, which will now be exposed by the people who are woke to these dark dealings.

I feel sorry for these talented and well-educated overseas Chinese, especially for those who acted unknowingly. I hope that they will soon realize that their actions will cause harm to their family, friends and even future generations, and will also cause damage to the reputation of Chinese people everywhere. I hope that they will wake up and try their best to make up for the damage that they caused.

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